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Austway: Your Gateway to the Land Down Under and Beyond

As an island nation situated just across the Tasman Sea from Australia, New Zealand presents a unique set of logistical challenges for businesses looking to import or export goods. But fear not, for Austway, among New Zealand freight forwarders, is here to be your trusted freight forwarding partner, seamlessly connecting the three major economic powerhouses of the region – Australia, New Zealand, and China.

Navigating the Complexities of New Zealand Logistics

Austway has made significant strides in enhancing its freight shipping to New Zealand. The company has now extended its truck delivery network to reach over 4,900 postal codes, effectively covering the major population centers across the country. Additionally, Austway has dedicated considerable effort to optimizing its pricing structure, ensuring that it can accommodate a wide range of shipment sizes, from small parcels to oversized goods, throughout New Zealand. Notably, the company has also eliminated any restrictions on general trade exports originating from China. By optimizing both domestic and international transportation, as well as operational costs, Austway has been able to significantly reduce prices, which it then passes on to customers in the form of promotions and special offers.

Empowering Small Businesses and E-commerce Entrepreneurs

For small businesses and e-commerce entrepreneurs, the challenges of international logistics can often feel insurmountable. However, with Austway in their corner, these organizations have a strategic partner who can help them take their operations to new heights. Through Austway’s comprehensive procurement and dropshipping services, the company can connect its clients with reliable suppliers in China and handle the entire shipping process.


Austway is not merely a freight forwarder, but a strategic partner dedicated to the success of its clients. By leveraging its extensive network, deep industry expertise, and unwavering customer-centric approach, Austway is committed to ensuring that its clients’ goods reach their destination seamlessly, regardless of the size or complexity of the shipment. Rather than settling for anything less than the best, customers are encouraged to choose Austway and experience the difference that a truly dedicated freight forwarding partner can make.

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