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Easy & Quick: Copy All Music from iPhone to Computer

Despite the enhanced sound quality and immersive experience of the iPhone, transferring music files from iPhone to PC remains a challenge for many users. This article will guide you through the best methods to transfer both purchased and unpurchased music from your iPhone to your PC. Read on to find out more.

Why Do You Want to Send Music from iPhone to PC?

There are some advantages to copy your iPhone music to your computer or other external drives.

  • Back up music files: Transfer music from iPhone to PC to prevent music files from being lost or damaged and still be able to retrieve data.
  • Ringtone Editing: There are more editing and music management tools available in the PC segment. which facilitates the management of music files and enable line editing and classification operations.
  • Sharing music files: After sharing songs to PC It can be played through PC audio for a better sound quality experience.
  • Format conversion: Some music formats cannot be played on iPhone or have poor compatibility. Format conversion can be done via PC to allow playback on more devices.

Easy & Quick: Transfer All iPhone Music to Computer via FoneTool

What is the best iPhone music transmission software? Finding the ideal iPhone music transfer tool means evaluating essential factors like user-friendliness, transfer speed, compatibility, and extra features beyond just managing music. A comprehensive solution should meet the diverse needs and preferences of different users.

Among the iPhone transfer tools I’ve tested and reviewed, FoneTool stands out as the leading option for transferring music from an iPhone. This multifunctional software not only overcomes the limitations but also provides a comprehensive array of features designed to optimize the music transfer experience.

Here I list the advantages of using FoneTool:

  • Easy to Use. With a clear interface, you can straightforward transfer files in just a few clicks.
  • Super-fast Transfer Speed. FoneTool provide a high speed to move 100+ music within seconds.
  • Powerful Transfer function. You can transfer music from iPhone to computer, computer to iPhone, or from one iPhone to another.
  • Transfer All Songs on iPhone. It can move both purchased and non-purchased songs easily.
  • Transfer Across Different Accounts. You can transfer music to from one iPhone to other devices with different Apple IDs.
  • No Risk of Data Loss. FoneTool only adds music to the iPhone without removing existing files.

Simple Steps to Move All Music from iPhone to PC

FoneTool supports music transfer between iPhone and computer, flash drive, or external hard drive. Now, you can check the steps to learn how to use this free iPhone music transfer software to add iPhone music to PC.

Step 1. Use a USB cable to link the iPhone to the computer > FoneTool can automatically detect your iPhone > Tap Trust.

Step 2. Open FoneTool > Go to Phone Transfer from the left panel > Mouse over to iPhone to PC > Tap Get Started.

Tip: If you want to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone, you can export music from the source iPhone (Choose iPhone to PC) to the computer, and then add the exported music to the target iPhone (Choose PC to iPhone).

Step 3. Hit the plus icon > Check Music icon to preview music on your iPhone > If you want to transfer all songs, you can tap Select All. Or you can select the MP3 files you want > Tap OK.

Step 4. On Transfer Settings, choose the local folder on the PC as the storage path > Finally, click Start Transfer to begin.

This guide also suitable for share music files between iPad/iPod and computer. Beside music, FoneTool also supports you to transfer other different files, like photos, videos, contacts and so on. You can preview these data at first, then select the specific files you need to move. If you want to send all types of data, just select all and you can do it。


That’s all about how to copy music from iPhone to computer. I share my experience in the articles, including the main reasons for needing to transfer music to computers, the practical iPhone data transfer tool – FoenTool, and the detailed step guide. With FoneTool, I can smoothly and quickly share my files between iPhone and PC. Hope to help you successfully solve your problems.

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