OKVIP Giap Thin New Year celebration program with the staff took place with a happy and excited atmosphere. The New Year’s Eve event was prepared together with joy by the entire board of directors and employees. Let’s review the outstanding and memorable highlights of this event right below.

OKVIP Alliance grows and succeeds

The OKVIP Alliance’s current success is thanks to the correct strategy of the board of directors and the tireless efforts of the staff. And to recognize those contributions, OKVIP organized a series of events to celebrate Giap Thin New Year, creating a space to exchange and enhance the solidarity of the company’s employees.

Looking back, 2023 is a challenging and successful journey for the OKVIP Alliance. OKVIP has overcome many major competitors in the entertainment field to affirm its international brand. Currently, the Alliance has cooperated with many partners, has a reputation and name in the online entertainment market.

OKVIP is extremely honored to have received trust and appreciation from customers. With the collective efforts of the board of directors and employees, the Alliance will continuously grow to bring the best quality products and services to its customers.

OKVIP’s memorable Year End Party

The Year End Party was held at the company’s headquarters with the participation of thousands of employees. Individuals with outstanding achievements in the past year were honored. The concert night also had the participation of many famous singers and musical performances by the company’s own employees.

Award cups and certificates of merit to employees with outstanding achievements

2023 is an important milestone with the Group officially changing its name from Taipei 101 to OKVIP. In the past year, the Group has made great strides in expanding its operating markets and collaborating with many football stars and European clubs.

And achieving success in the past year was a collective effort. In the Year End Party program, OKVIP recognized individuals with outstanding achievements and many valuable rewards. The Group always recognizes the contributions of each individual. The dedication of all employees will be praised and recognized with worthy rewards.

Exciting concert night liên minh OKVIP

OKVIP’s year-end program to welcome the new year has the appearance of many famous singers and MCs to stir up the atmosphere and bring eye-catching performances to all employees.

The combination of MC duo Hyper Chon – Nga My, singer Linh Hao, Rapper Ca Nau, comedy group Minh Khanh, Loto group Vong Kim Lang added to the excitement of the party night. In particular, at the end of the program there was also the appearance of male singer Duy Manh and throughout the party was a great party by DJ Mie. The party night was truly explosive, OKVIP staff had a great night.

In addition to the singer’s performance, there was also a performance with musical performances from liên minh OKVIP own staff. This is an opportunity for everyone to interact and show off their talents.

Organize a prize drawing game to receive year-end gifts

An indispensable part of the Year End Party night is the prize draw to receive great gifts. Categories of valuable awards:

🌟 Special prize: TRIP WORTH 50,000,000 VND.

⭐️ First prize: IPHONE 15 PRO 256G.

✨ Second prize: HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES WORTH 20,000,000 VND.



Tet gift giving program for employees

At the end of the Year End Party, the leadership – representatives of OKVIP Group gave Tet gifts to all employees. Each gift is carefully prepared and delivered to each employee. This is a thank you for the efforts and companionship of you and the Group during the past year. Hopefully in the new year of Giap Thin, we will try together and bring the OKVIP brand to a wide and international level.

Thank you from the OKVIP board of directors to the staff

OKVIP always wants to create the best employment conditions for employees, build a civilized working environment, and be a space to help employees develop their full potential and devote themselves to the development of the Group. .

Becoming an employee of OKVIP Group, you will enjoy a high salary and a series of other attractive compensation policies. This is an opportunity for us to work in the environment of an international corporation.

The Tet holiday program of OKVIP Group and its staff has ended extremely successfully and brilliantly. The event contributes to increasing the solidarity of the staff, thereby increasing their working spirit and understanding each other better.

At the end of the year-end party, OKVIP’s board of directors sent their thanks and deep gratitude to the continuous efforts of each member of the Group. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2024, OKVIP respectfully sends wishes of health and prosperity to all customers who have accompanied the Group during the past time.

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