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Full Guide: Free Cloud Backup Service & How to Use It

What is Cloud Backup?

The utilization of cloud technology has seen forceful development over the most recent couple of years. From cloud storage to cloud computing, it seems everyone is using the cloud for everything nowadays. And cloud backup is still a significant use of the cloud today, which offers organizations and individuals a simple, effective solution to keep their data safe.

Cloud backup, in simple terms, is the process of saving your files and information on a off-site server. Many benefits of cloud backup includes it requires little to no effort to set up maintain, it is cost savings, it is secure to store your data off-site on a separate online location, and, most significantly, it is scalable.

How to Choose Your Own Cloud Backup Solution

What do most consumers look for most when choosing a cloud backup provider? Here are some options to consider that can help you get the cloud backup solution that suits you best.

  • Ease of use: The solution should have an intuitive interface, simple setup, and straightforward management. This reduces the time and effort required to maintain your backups.
  • Features: Understand what you need it to do with the cloud backup solution, like scheduled backup, version control, and so on.
  • Cost: Consider the cost structure – initial costs, recurring fees, and any hidden charges. Balance between the offered features and your budget.
  • Security: It should offers robust security features such as encryption during transmission and storage, multi-factor authentication, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Reliable Free Cloud Backup Service for All Windows PCs – CBackup

CBackup, with an intuitive interface, is a professional and free cloud backup tool that focuses on personal online backup and small business cloud backup, which provides both PC Cloud backup and cloud to cloud backup services.

For PC to cloud backup, it gives its own stable and remote cloud server called CBackup Cloud, with each account having 10GB of free storage. Meanwhile, it also allows you to back up and sync files to mainstream cloud storage including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, etc.

As for cloud to cloud backup, it allows you to add and manage multiple cloud accounts in one place and perform cloud to cloud transfer without downloading and uploading. Also, it provides many useful backup settings like scheduled backup and file filter for both PC cloud backup and cloud to cloud backup.

How Do I Back up Files to Cloud for Protection

To make you clear about how to perform cloud backup for your important files, here we will show you how to backup data to cloud in details.

Step 1. Run CBackup and Log in

First, please download and install the CBackup desktop program, sign up for one account for free, and log in.

Step 2. Create a Cloud Backup Task

If you want to backup data to Google Drive, OneDrive, and other public clouds, please turn to Storage first to add and authorize your cloud account to CBackup. Then, pick Backup PC to Public Cloud on the Backup page.

To back up data to CBackup Cloud, you could just direct to Backup and select Backup PC to CBackup Cloud without adding cloud.

Step 3. Backup Files to the Cloud

Specify the files, folders, or hard drives you need to back up, determine your destination cloud, and click on Start Backup to begin the cloud backup process.

How to Perform Cloud Backup Recovery

To get back the backed-up files from cloud on CBackup, you can follow these steps to get it done quickly and easily.

Step 1. Access your backup tasks by navigating to Tasks on CBackup. Locate the desired backup task and click on the three dots button to select Restore.

Step 2. Select items to restore, and choose a restore path – the original location or a new location.

Step 3. Tap on Start Restore to recover your cloud backup with ease.


This comprehensive guide provides you with an excellent yet free cloud backup solution – CBackup. With this fully-featured backup software, you can perform file backup from your local computer to various clouds like CBackup Cloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, you can do data backup from one cloud to another for seamless migration.

Additionally, CBackup comes with many advanced backup features like automatic backups, unlimited version control, file filter, cloud storage combination, and so forth. Get it and protect your crucial data online hassle-free.

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