Hi88 Mobile Legends Betting – New Attractive Type of Profit

Mobile Legends betting is currently becoming a new entertainment trend in the participant community. With the continuous development of esports, Mobile Legends matches are truly attractive opportunities for those who want to try their luck. Follow along below to help us better understand this type of Hi88!

What is Mobile Legends betting explained?

Mobile Legends betting is an interesting and attractive form of profit for Hi88

Mobile Legends betting is an attractive form of entertainment to make money online. This is where platforms including Hi88 will organize and allow members to place money based on the results of the matches taking place.

For cá cược Mobile Legends, The game portal will provide matches with a variety of betting forms allowing players to freely choose such as handicap, over-under, over-under,… After the match results appear, those who predict correctly will be awarded accurately and quickly by the system.

However, to effectively participate in this form of profit-making entertainment, players need to master and understand the nature of the Mobile Legends game. This is a game of strategy and thinking skills, so you need to understand a lot of information to analyze and place money correctly.

Popular types of Mobile Legends betting odds at Hi88

Mobile Legends betting at Hi88 offers a variety of odds

When arriving at the address Hi888, you will experience a variety of popular betting odds in this game as follows. Below are popular betting options that many members at the game portal participate in, including:

Handicap Mobile Legends betting odds

Handicaps can be simply understood as the weaker team will have priority. For example, the stronger team must have a handicap of 1 match or a handicap of 5 lives. Thanks to this, the match will be more fair and more exciting and stressful.

Over/Under Esports

Over/under is one of the most popular forms in the world Mobile Legends betting. This form is popular for the reason that it possesses a simple operating principle but gives members an extremely high winning rate of up to 85%.

In this form, the Hi88 playground will give a random number about the number of kills or targets won in the game. Participants will place money based on their prediction to see whether the total score will be higher (over) or lower (under) the number given by the system.

Correct score in the match

In exact score betting, players will rely on their professional judgment and analysis to predict the specific final score of the match. For example, in a match between sides A and B, if the result is 2 – 1 as you predicted, the system will count it as a win and award attractive bonuses according to the original odds.

Attractive over/under odds

Over/under odds in Mobile Legends betting is a quite popular form of deposit that Hi88 offers to participating members. The system will give a specific number based on the competition history of both teams. Players will predict whether the total kills of both sides in the match will be negative or positive according to the number given by Hi88.

Win Lose bet

This is the most basic form, where players just need to make a prediction on which team will win that match. Most of the time, the payout ratio of this form will be at the 1 to 3 mark, meaning if you win 200,000 VND, you will receive 600,000 VND. In addition, this form is also simpler than the above types when members only need to choose the team they believe will win and do not need to care about other factors such as the number of kills.

The secret to placing effective Mobile Legends betting odds

Understand the secret to placing Mobile Legends betting money to win big effectively

Below are some important experiences that you should keep in mind to easily win this form of betting at Hi88, including:

  • Before placing money, members need to master information about the team they believe will win. Information can include strengths, weaknesses, tactics and performance of each team member.
  • Players should also clearly understand the match schedule to see which match is suitable for them to participate in Mobile Legend betting.
  • In this game there are many different types of bets such as Win Lose, Handicap, Over/Under,… You need to consider choosing the type that you understand well to participate in to bring a high chance of winning.


Mobile Legends betting is an attractive form of profit at Hi88 when it brings unique and interesting experiences to those who love e-sports. With a thorough understanding and analysis of information, players can optimize their chances of winning and reap huge sums of money. Wishing you good luck and great betting moments with this Mobile Legends game!

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