How to Play Phom Always Win for Newbies New88

Phom is known as a popular card game in the betting world. However, not everyone knows how to play a Phom card game sure to win. The article shared below by bookmaker New88 will help you understand all the information related to this game.

Discovering Phom Cards – Traditional Vietnamese Game

Before learning about how to play phom, we first need to understand the concept of this type of card. Phom card or another name is tu lo kho or ta la card game, this is a betting game that attracts many players of different ages.

The principle for playing Phom is that players need to try to take all of their opponent’s cards, or try to pick up beautiful decks of cards to create phoms. The more phoms, the higher your chances of winning.

Check out the Basic Terms When Playing Phom Cards

Next, we will provide you with terms in Phom that you need to understand and know how to use properly. Specifically:

  • Phom: This is a set of 3 identical cards with the same value or consecutive values
  • Spam:Cards do not form phom and cannot be used to combine with other cards to create phom
  • Mouth: Is when at the end of a game you cannot create a phom
  • Venom: The remaining cards after all the cards have been dealt to the players, they are placed in the middle of the table and used by all players.
  • Ù: Is when you have 3 phoms in your hand and win absolutely
  • Temple: If you are the person who plays the last round and plays the pin, but the person who later steals the card he just played, the person who was captured must pay the whole village.
  • Eating pin: On your last turn, you play a trash card and someone else takes that card
  • Re: When a card is played and the next person wins, the trash card will be transferred and the player has the right to repeat the card.

Detailed Phom Card Game Rules That Every Player Should Know

Specific phom betting rules will be implemented as follows:

  • During each turn, if you play a card and it is captured, you will lose that card. And if you get hit in the last round (take the pin), you will lose 4 times the bet amount
  • In case the next person wins 2 of your cards and busts, you must pay the whole lane
  • During the game, if any player has a high hand, the game will immediately end and the remaining players must pay their bets.
  • If at the end of the game, no one buzzes, then all players will proceed to defeat phom. At this time, the person with the lowest total trash card score will win
  • If the scores are the same, the person whose round is defeated first will win
  • Those who have a toothache will definitely be counted as coming last and pay a bet to the person who comes first
  • The score will be equivalent to the value of the card. In addition, the cards A, J, Q, K will have corresponding points: 1, 11, 12, 13.

Instructions on How to Play Phom Cards for Beginners

How to play Phom for new players will be as follows:

  • Each game will have a maximum of 4 participants, each person will receive 9 cards in a set of 52 cards. The dealer will receive 10 cards and has the right to play first
  • Following the first person, the next person clockwise will have their turn.
  • Each turn, the player is only allowed to play 1 card. If the next person can win, they will create 1 phom and it will become their trash card.
  • In case you cannot capture any card, you will have to pick from the remaining cards and play another junk card if there is no phom. Each game will continue like this until there are 4 turns of cards. In the final turn, if someone else stops you from closing, you have to pay the whole village.
  • After beating the phom, if no one wins, the points will be calculated and the first, second, and third place winners will be determined.
  • As for the case of someone buzzing, they will win and the remaining people must pay their bets according to the original regulations.

Notes on How to Play Phom to Make Sure You Win

Don’t just stop at mastering how to play Phom, you need to pay attention to the following issues to always be sure to win in each game. Specifically:

Players need to learn to observe

During the process of playing phom, the most important thing is that you need to know how to observe and remember the cards that have been played. This ability will assist you a lot in finding a reasonable strategy

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Calculate carefully before making a decision

To be able to win easily in playing Phom cards, you must know how to calculate. Review and think about how to play to avoid losing cards. Try to come up with the most logical strategy

Apply logical reasoning

When playing phom, you need to learn how to reason and practice it. You can apply those rules to play the right cards and not lose them.

With related information How to play Phom card game, the NEW88 homepage hopes to help you learn the best tips and perfect playing knowledge. From there, you will win huge bonuses here.

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