Revealing the most accurate way to calculate lottery probability from undefeated experts

How to predict the most accurate lottery numbers is always the trick that any lottery player is looking for. Understand this psychology, today OKVIP will reveal to you an effective way to calculate lottery probability that is being applied by many experts through the article below.

Concept of lottery and lottery probability

Lottery is a form of betting in which players place money on numbers, then compare the results with special prizes of 3-region lottery prizes. When winning, the odds are usually 1:98 or 1:99 at online bookmakers, so this form of play is quite attractive.

Lottery probability is a method for players to calculate the probability of winning the highest prize. From there, invest in your bets to get the most benefit. The higher the lottery probability, the higher the winning rate. That brings huge profits to players.

That’s why any lottery bettor always spends time and effort to learn how to calculate lottery probability as accurately as possible.

The most effective way to calculate lottery probability today

Betting means players bet money on pairs of numbers from 00 to 99, equivalent to 100 pairs of numbers corresponding to 100% but in reality the winning rate can only be up to 99%.

However, playing all pairs of numbers will cause the player to win the lottery but still lose money and not make a profit. Based on the daily jackpot lottery results, there is only 1 pair of winning numbers, so the probability of winning is 1% for each pair of numbers.

Players who play with a lottery of 25-30 pairs of numbers will have a probability of winning of 25%-30%. Thus, you need to apply other methods to set the lottery with better quality and increase the probability of winning for each pair of numbers.

If the player plays the lottery, it will be calculated based on the total 27 prizes in the results table. So with 1 lottery number and a 99% chance of missing out on 27 prizes, the results show that 1 lottery number has a winning rate of 23.7%. Thus, the probability of winning the lottery is higher than the lottery even though the lottery score and profit are not as high as playing the lottery.

With the forms of cross lottery, you can calculate the probability of lottery through the lottery miss rate. The failure rate of the number of numbers will be n times when subtracting the absolute value 99 or 100%. Thus, you will have the opposite result for the winning probability of a lottery number.

Experience playing lottery with high probability of winning

Lottery is a betting game that involves a lot of chance. However, each rotation, each dialing cycle has certain natural laws. Humans cannot control it, but they can research and find that rule to achieve the highest lottery probability:
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  • First, no victory is easy, players need to seriously invest effort and time to research and learn lottery knowledge, lottery prediction methods, methods of setting up lottery numbers and rules. Rules about pairs of numbers… From there, players can find out the rules and know what the percentage of winning that number is.
  • Next, there is experience in allocating investment capital for the game, establishing effective playing strategies. Absolutely do not bet all-in on any pair of numbers even if you are confident that the probability of winning that pair is 99%. 
  • You should apply the frame farming strategy, the most effective is the 3-day or 5-day frame. You should not keep the frame for more than a week because it is easy to miss the prediction. Focus on analyzing to find out which numbers should be played hard, which numbers should be played quickly to win quickly, and which numbers should be better kept.
  • Psychological tactics are also an effective lottery playing experience, helping players avoid falling into gambling and leading to nothing. Maintaining a good mentality is extremely important for a professional lottery player. You must always stay alert to be able to accurately analyze the rules of the numbers. In particular, it is necessary to have perseverance, not to break the contract midway.
  • In addition, players can also make maximum use of the support of modern prediction and analysis software and applications that today’s technology can build. All methods cannot bring 100% victory, but they all help you increase your chances of winning the lottery.

In addition to the above unbeaten experiences, remember to always improve your lottery knowledge and know how to stop playing at the right time to avoid getting caught up in losing streaks that you should not have.


Our article shared above has helped you grasp the concept of what lottery is as well as how to calculate lottery probability accurately. Hopefully the above information will help you win more and sustainably. Good luck.

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