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The Best Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer Service – MultCloud

What Is Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer?

Cloud services are of great importance in people’s daily life, offering cost-effective and convenient features for users to manage data more efficiently. Compared to hard drives, cloud drives are more flexible. Especially when you want to share files on cloud drives, you can easily deliver the goal as long as the internet connection is available.

However, most people are using multiple cloud services at the same time. So, cloud-to-cloud transfer is inevitable. If you only know the download-and-upload method, you really need a cloud transfer service, which can help you migrate files between cloud drives without downloading them on your local device manually.

What Makes a Great Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer Service?

A great cloud file transfer service should tick several bullets to make your data migration smooth and efficient. There are some criteria you should consider:

  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface is essential, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. The service should have an intuitive and simple way to manage cloud services.
  • Speed and Scalability: The service should be able to handle large data volumes efficiently, offering users an efficient way to move data between cloud drives.
  • Many Clouds Supported: The service should support a variety of cloud providers in the market, such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon S3, etc.
  • Cost: Cloud-to-cloud transfer services can have different pricing models, so factor in your needs and budget.

The Best Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer Service -MultCloud

There are many practical and smart cloud file managers in the market. MultCloud is one of the most popular and outstanding ones, which meets the criteria above. MultCloud offers you a centralized platform where you can connect and manage many cloud storage services and accounts, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Box, Flickr, IDrive, iCloud Photos, iCloud Drive, Amazon S3, pCloud, etc.

MultCloud enhances productivity by offering an efficient way to manage multiple cloud storage accounts, ensuring data security, and providing cloud transfer capabilities. Specifically speaking, the features and conveniences you can enjoy are as follows:

  • Access different cloud services in one place, eliminating the troublesome task of signing in and out of various platforms.
  • Download, upload, share, delete, copy, and perform other basic features you can enjoy on each cloud’s official website.
  • Search for files, documents, photos, and other data across multiple cloud services in just one go, eliminating the troublesome process of navigating through various cloud drives.
  • Cloud-to-cloud transfer between cloud drives directly and effortlessly without downloading and uploading manually.
  • Automatic transfer across cloud storage services at regular intervals, such as running at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Offline migration between cloud drives in the background. No need to worry about the Wi-Fi connection and hardware issues.
  • Similar to the cloud transfer feature, cloud-to-cloud backup and sync between cloud drives are also available.

Now, let’s dive into detailed steps on how to use MultCloud to make cloud-to-cloud transfer.

Step 1: Register a MultCloud account.

Step 2: Go to Add Cloud. We will take how to transfer Google Photos to another account as an example. Click on the icon of Google Photos. Then follow the on-screen tips to permit MultCloud. Next, repeat the same way to add another Google Photos account.

Step 3: Tap the Cloud Transfer button on the left. Then, choose one Google Photos account as the source directory and another account as the target directory. At last, hit the Transfer Now tab.

  • To set up automatic transfers, tap the Schedule There are 4 options to choose from, including moving at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • To customize your transfers, hit the Options You can enable the Filter feature to quickly find out files with certain extensions quickly, such as .doc, etc.


Cloud-to-cloud transfer empowers you to manage your data across different cloud storage providers with ease. And MultCloud provides an industry-leading migration speed, so even files can be migrated between cloud services as quickly as possible. As mentioned before, on top of the cloud transfer feature, MultCloud also enables you to back up and sync data across cloud drives in a hassle-free way.

When syncing data across cloud drives, MultCloud offers one-way and two-way syncing, making it easy to keep data up-to-date on both cloud drives. When it comes to cloud backup, MultCloud allows you to restore files without costing a penny.

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