Understanding the Betting Odds System at MostBet by the Creator of MostBet

A major feature of sports betting at MostBet players must come to terms with is betting odds, what it means, and how it works. This representation is common among sports bookmakers, and they play a big role in the calculation of potential payouts. In simple terms, betting odds are a bookmaker’s way of arranging the expected outcome of an event in a calculative format for bettors.

To venture into sports betting at MostBet नेपालमा, you need to be able to understand how these odds work. There are basically three systems of odds, and they are operated in different mathematical formats but fall back on the same calculations. Continue reading this article as we explore the betting odds system at MostBet and how you can take advantage of it.

How Betting Odds Work at MostBet

Like every other sports bookmaker, betting odds at MostBet are simply numerical terms that show your potential profit or loss from a likely outcome. They show the probability of an outcome in a particular event or game. In that case, low odds at the bookmaker mean the outcome of an event is less likely to happen, while high odds mean the opposite.

Comparing Betting Odds Format at MostBet

As stated earlier, there are three systems/formats of betting odds at MostBet. And they include:

  1. Fractional Odds
  2. Decimal Odds
  3. American (Moneyline) Odds

Fractional Odds

This is a popular odds format that is commonly associated with punters from the UK and Ireland. It is usually displayed at MostBet in the form of mathematical fractions. Unlike maths, the denominator and numerator in this case is all about money.

The numerator, which is the number at the top, represents the potential profit of an event. The denominator, on the other hand, which is the bottom number, represents the stake. For instance, if there is a sports event and the outcome of the event is stated at 7/2 odds at MostBet. This means that if you wager 2 NPR, you stand to win a potential profit of 7 NPR.

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds is another popular format of odds at MostBet that is commonly used in Europe. It is also the most straightforward. It is displayed in the form of decimals, and it is calculated by just multiplying your stake by the odds stated for the event.

An example of decimal odds is 2.50. If a sports match has an outcome that is stated for 2.50, this means that if you stake 50 NPR, you stand to win a potential profit of 75 NPR (2.50 X 50 = 75).

American (Moneyline) Odds

MostBet also features the American Odds, which is the last of the most commonly used betting systems at sports bookies. It is represented in the form of + and – with a specific value. The + sign indicates the potential profit you stand to get from a 100 NPR wager. While the – sign indicates the amount you need to bet to win a 100 NPR profit.

For example, if an event’s outcome is stated for +200 odds at MostBet, this means you stand at 200 NPR if you stake 100 NPR. And if the outcome is stated for -200 odds, it means you stand to win only 100 NPR if you stake 200 NPR.

Factors That Contribute to Betting Odds at MostBet

A lot of factors combined contribute to the value of betting odds at MostBet. In addition to the bookmaker’s choice to tweak the odds a bit, some of the other factors that influence betting odds include:

  • Team’s performances
  • Player’s performances
  • Injury update
  • Public perceptions
  • Weather conditions
  • In-game events
  • Home advantage for teams
  • Historical performances
  • News


Now that you know how betting odds work and the different types available at MostBet, you should be able to confidently enter the bookie and make good bets. Note that you have the choice to choose which betting format you want for yourself at the bookmaker. For ease and simplicity, we advise that you go for the decimal odds format.

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