What is knife spur cockfighting? Advantages and experience in cockfighting with the SV388 knife

Although not originating from Vietnam, but Knife cockfighting has received warm support from the cockfighting community in recent times. The reason this form is noticed is because it increases the intensity of the already dramatic cockfighting game. In this article, Bookmaker OKVIP synthesize important information about this special betting subject.

Learn about knife cockfighting in general

Where the starting point of cockfighting comes from is still unanswered. But in our country, this cockfighting sport was imported from Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines,… which are all countries where cockfighting betting is legal.

Accordingly, the chicken has a pair of sharp knives attached to its legs. Its effect is to replace spurs, used as a weapon when attacking. The damage level of this type of spur is the heaviest among all forms of cockfighting.

Cambodia is famous for many large cockfighting arenas, but for the form of cockfighting, the Philippines must be mentioned. This country is known as the mecca of cockfighting. This place is truly a paradise for cockfighting betting enthusiasts.

Although there are only a few variations compared to the traditional type, the spread of cockfighting is extremely rapid. Even in Vietnam, this format is also loved by many cockers because of the thrill and fierceness that the match brings.

Vietnam has not approved any form of betting. Therefore, the fights must buy copyright from the regional cockfighting arena.

The two cockfights that appear a lot on betting sites today are the SV388 and S128 cockfights. These two arenas are located in Cambodia (SV388) and (S128) Philippines.

To enter the fiery pan, fighting cocks must be carefully selected. This will eliminate the weak chicken, keeping only the character who is truly a warrior.

The chicken needs to be perfect in skills through practice, fighting experience, toughness and good endurance.

Advantages of knife spur cockfighting

SV388 cockfighting has never disappointed any bettor. The matches take place quickly, the chicken’s health is guaranteed, and the possibility of victory is always inviting:

Organize many exciting matches

Most knife fights are attractive and intense from the opening moment. Creating excitement and bustle in the joyful cheers of viewers. 

Facing a strong attack from the opponent, after just a few minutes any unlucky chicken will have to be “knocked out”. 

Every day, cockfighting arenas take place hundreds of rounds, and players at any given time have a fight going on. 

Critical, classy blows

You will see the image of a fighting cock flying up and delivering dangerous blows to the opponent, imagining that you are watching two masters performing martial arts in a swordplay movie.

The blade of the knife is sharpened, if it cuts into the body it will definitely cause great damage. If the choice is not guaranteed, after just a few fights the cock will have to step back or lie in the middle of the ring.

Diverse chicken breeds

Adding to the list of warriors are many chicken breeds such as: Bamboo, Peruvian, American chicken,…

Chickens are bred from good genes, so after training they all become majestic warriors, eager to fight.

In addition, each breed of chicken has different fighting characteristics. Players should learn more to choose the right subject.
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The point that makes the difference between spur and traditional cockfighting

Let’s learn the difference between traditional and cockfighting forms gamechicken How does the SV388 knife spur work?

Traditional cockfighting

Usually, pedigree chickens are stripped of their feathers before participating in the match. Their fur is only concentrated on the body, and the neck and legs are almost absent. Of course, that work is done during training.

Any chicken that possesses good skills and spends a lot of time fighting will have a higher chance of winning. Because their endurance will prevail, so will their ability to react to situations. 

A traditional cockfighting stage has a capacity of only 2 tanks, more than 5 to 7 tanks.

Each pool takes place within 10 to 15 minutes, with a 5-minute break between the two pools. 

Cockfighting with knives

For cock fighting, the cockmaster will train the chicken with thick feathers to fight. For example, hybrid chickens, bantam chickens, chickens originating from foreign countries (Peru, America, Asil,…).

The identifying feature of this form is that the fighting cock has additional spurs with a knife during the fighting process. The biggest goal is to increase the opponent’s attack ability and damage level, opening up a satisfying battle for viewers.

That is the biggest reason why fighting chickens need thick feathers covering their bodies.

In part, the feathers will become a defensive armor for the chicken to protect its skin, especially its internal organs.

With the sharpness of the knife spur, without this minimum protection, even a normal kick will be enough to injure the chicken. 

If the skin is mild, the skin will peel off and be scratched. If the severe case is severe, the wing will be cut off, or hit internal organs or other fatal areas.

Skill is the key factor for a traditional fighting cock to win. But with knife spurs, in addition to the factor of ability, luck also needs to smile on the cock.

Because the chicken fights well and fights well, but sometimes the “good luck” chicken steps on it. 

Therefore, the slightest carelessness puts the warrior in a difficult position, the possibility of becoming a “martyr” is very high.

SV388 cockfighting time is about 5 to 10 minutes. But most games last less than 5 minutes. Therefore, an average day has 25 to 30 games played.

Experience in cockfighting with knives

When participating in any betting sport, to win more, experience is extremely important, the same goes for cockfighting betting. 

Below, bookmaker Okvip will provide tips for everyone to increase their winning rate in each bet:

  • Choose a reputable cockfighting betting site. Quality units will officially cooperate with many professional cockfighting arenas. Thereby, providing more variety of genres and matches. Legitimate bookmakers are committed to the security of information, business documents, green payments, etc. so you never run into the risk of fraud, information disclosure or loss of assets.
  • Historical statistics of cockfighting information and matches. You can observe the competition history table, win-loss records, playing schedule, etc. Knowing the parameters of your target chicken will help you evaluate the best situation. The bettor knows whether the chicken is really good or just a failure. Additionally, the competition schedule tells us what their current health is like. If you play too much, you won’t be able to compete, and if you play too little, it’s like a knife that hasn’t been sharpened for a long time and will become dull.
  • Observe the fighting cock. Besides looking at the match history, the cocker should analyze the chicken in detail to set the appropriate door. The target chickens must have a strong, brave appearance, smooth feathers, big legs, and wide wings. 
  • Odds evaluation is given by the betting site before placing money. Take a look at the payout rates between the bets, see if they are much different or if there is anything unusual.

It can be said that cockfighting with knives sends to the viewer’s brain a feeling of suspense and excitement from every second. But this form is not applied much because of its obvious dangers. Therefore, not all units are capable of broadcasting this form of betting. If you are “admitted” to the genre of making money from this type of betting, please visit the Okvip site to enjoy.

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