CDM Position – Learn the Role and How to Bet Reasonably

The CDM position plays an indispensable role in any squad. It contributes to solidifying the defense as well as providing control to launch quick counterattacks. Let’s join Hi88 Learn more about the main mission as well as help players bet successfully.

Definition of CDM position in king sport

CDM position, short for Central Defensive Midfielder, also known as central defensive midfielder. Different from the DM position, CDM is a player who plays the role of creating balance between attack and defense in the squad.

They often move in the middle of the field, whose main task is to prevent attack situations and create stability for the team. A defensive midfielder is usually someone who is good at stealing the ball from the opponent by applying pressure (Pressing), hindering attacks during the match.

They are also responsible for distributing the ball to teammates in attacking positions, often participating in the build-up of quick counter-attacks. It requires players to be able to read the game, choose the right time to steal the ball or make decisive passes.

CDM position duties in the squad

The CDM role in football requires players to perform many important tasks to support the team both in defense and attack, specifically:

Obstructing and stealing the ball

The important tasks of a defensive midfielder include hindering the opponent and winning the ball back when given the opportunity. They must anticipate the movements of their opponents to create resistance by applying constant pressure.

Furthermore, the CDM position also needs to be able to steal the ball through cutting or tackling techniques. They need to know when to apply pressure to obstruct, and when to attack to steal the ball without causing a foul.

The technique of stealing the ball requires the ability to predict the opponent’s movements and consider the level of risk when creating a hole behind. Adept at disrupting makes CDM the final wall before the ball reaches the team’s defensive zone.

The CDM position needs to distribute and pass the ball accurately

Defensive midfielders not only have the responsibility of supporting cover but must also be able to participate in the ball attacks of their teammates. They need to know how to coordinate and create accurate short or long passes.

This skill plays an important role in initiating quick attacks. CDM needs to have vision and observation speed to find teammates in the best position to initiate a dangerous ball situation. This requires having good passing techniques, understanding tactics as well as retreating to defense if defeated.
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Defensive support

Besides the above tasks, the basic role of CDM still specializes in defense. Unlike attacking midfielders, they will need to focus more on supporting deep drops when the home team is attacked.

When the team is facing strong pressure from the opponent, the CDM position can support the defense by helping to create blocks, steal the ball or commit tactical fouls. They are also responsible for maintaining balance in the squad, helping the team not be short on players when defending.

Essential elements to play the CDM position

To play the defensive midfielder position effectively, players need to possess a set of necessary skills and knowledge, including:

  • Tactical knowledge: CDM needs to clearly understand his role in the team. They must know how to support the defense, help maintain balance thereby preventing the opponent’s attacks
  • Speed ​​and physical strength: Defensive midfielders need to maintain good speed and physical strength throughout the match. This position often requires a lot of movement when constantly attacking and defending.
  • Team spirit: CDM must work in an interception position so needs to coordinate well with teammates. It is necessary to have the spirit to always provide timely support to help reduce pressure on the defense.

Understand the CDM position to play the appropriate bet

Once you understand the role and duties of the defensive midfielder, you need to pay attention to these players on each team when betting. If you see a difference in class, place bets on the match score.

On the contrary, when 2 CDMs have the same good defense ability, a draw will be most optimal. However, to evaluate the appropriate odds, it is necessary to rely on many other factors such as performance, physical strength, defense, etc. So please gather enough knowledge before participating.Betting.

Thus, the article on Hi88 has helped you learn about the CDM position in a football team. These midfielders always play an important role in defense as well as supporting the attack. In particular, when betting on football, pay close attention to the class and form of this position to predict and win money effectively. Don’t forget to follow for more information about thesefootball position other professional.

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