Dragon Tiger – Attractive Card Game With Simple, Easy-to-Understand Rules

Game Dragon Tiger Online not only provides an exciting betting experience but is also a way for you to demonstrate your reading comprehension and prediction skills. Members will now be faced with two separate options, along with the task of betting on which side will be higher. With reasonable odds and accurate prediction, members can win attractive rewards. Next, let’s learn more details through the article shared below.
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Overview of the online Dragon Tiger game

Dragon Tiger is not simply a form of luck, but at the same time highly tactical. With smart strategies, members can now seize the opportunity to win big.

In general, the game is played with a regular deck of 52 cards. The member’s goal is to bet on 1 of 2 doors to predict which side has the higher card value. In case your prediction is correct, you will become the winner and receive attractive bonuses.

Now through the online version, you will easily participate anytime, anywhere via mobile phone or personal computer. Just need a stable internet connection and a member account at the online casino. Outstanding advantages help save a lot of time and money while still playing games comfortably.

Some basic sharing about the online Dragon Tiger game

Instructions on how to start a game of Dragon Tiger

The way to start an online game is considered very quick and simple. So you want to try this version? Don’t worry, we will guide you how to start a good bet through the introduction below.

Number of players

Dragon Tiger is a special betting game for both members who like to enjoy alone or experience with many other players. Now, just choose the Dragon or Tiger door, or you can choose the Draw door if you want.

How to deal cards

After deciding on the number of players, proceed to deal the cards. This online version will also use a standard deck of 52 cards. At the beginning of the game, you will place a bet, then wait for the lucky result.

The next dealer will deal one card to the Dragon hand and one card to the Tiger hand. Interestingly, these two cards will be dealt face down. Now, just choose wisely to increase your chances of winning.

Follow the rules to avoid making mistakes

Compare articles

After dealing the cards, compare the cards to determine the winner. The simplest rule is that the hand with the higher score will be the winner. The rules of the game are stipulated as follows:
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  • The card with the highest score wins. In the case of cards J, Q, K, the score is calculated as 10, A is counted as 1, the rest will be calculated according to the face value.
  • If there are equal scores, the result will be a tie. This ensures that each game is full of tension and tension.

Then, when it is determined which side will win, the bonus will be poured into your account according to the set odds if the prediction is correct. Otherwise, you will lose the initial capital you invested.

Tips for playing Dragon Tiger effectively

To become a successful player, you will need to master the tricks. With flexibility and creativity, continue to follow these betting tips:

Capital Mangement

Managing capital in the game Dragon Tiger Online is an important factor that helps you play safely and conveniently, including:

  • According to this rule, bet no more than 1% of the total amount you have per bet. This helps avoid taking too much risk and ensures that you don’t lose all your capital after just one game.
  • Instead of betting the entire amount on a single bet, divide the bet into smaller bets. This helps minimize risks while increasing your chances of winning.

Analyze bets

Please carefully study the rules of the game and analyze the bets correctly. You should consider the history of previous games to identify trends and predict which hand will win.

Finally, pay attention to the bridges in the game Dragon Tiger because this is a series of consecutive results when a door appears. By tracking you can analyze and make smart decisions about your bets.

Learn playing tips from experienced experts

Know when to stop

In the game, knowing when to stop is very important. Never be greedy and hope to earn more. At the same time, you also need to be self-aware of your limits to maintain a comfortable mood.


With the continuous development of technology, gaming Dragon Tiger Online has become easier than ever. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the rules as well as participating tips to have relaxing and fun moments.

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