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Embark on Brilliance with YES TECH ES Series: Optimum Performance for Outdoor LED Video Walls

Delve into the epitome of outdoor LED display technology with YES TECH‘s ES Series. Celebrated for its high brightness and energy-efficient design, this series presents a versatile array of pixel pitches ranging from 3.9 to 15.6mm, delivering captivating visuals for any outdoor setting.

High Brightness and Energy Efficiency

Achieve brilliance through high brightness while enjoying energy-saving efficiency of up to 60% for your outdoor LED video wall.

Precision in Installation

Experience simplified installations with a design that meets top-tier standards, ensuring accuracy and convenience. Enhanced installation convenience leads to improved work efficiency, enabling users to experience top-notch products and services swiftly.

Efficient Installation and Maintenance

Streamline processes for swift installation and maintenance, minimizing downtime for your LED video wall.

Focus on Safety and Stability

Emphasize safety and stability, offering a secure solution that withstands diverse outdoor conditions.

Detailed HD Displays

Immerse your audience in high-definition visuals that capture every intricate detail with precision.

Range of Sizes

Select from a diverse range of sizes tailored to your outdoor LED video wall requirements, providing flexibility and customization options.

Versatile Applications

Utilize YES TECH’s LED video wall across various scenarios, including city landmarks, mobile billboards, schools, municipal outdoor stadiums, scenic spots, highway toll stations, service areas, and more.


YES TECH ES Series stands out as a pinnacle of outdoor LED display excellence, delivering high brightness, energy efficiency, and an array of features that prioritize ease of installation, maintenance efficiency, safety, stability, and superior HD display quality for your LED video wall. Elevate your outdoor visual experiences with YES TECH’s cutting-edge solutions.

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