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Embracing Modernity with the HOROW T0338W-10: A Compact, ADA-Compliant Solution

The HOROW T0338W-10 represents a paradigm of modern toilet design, combining compact dimensions with ADA-compliant height and water-saving functionality. As an extension of the acclaimed T0338W series, this modern one piece toilet offers superior construction, dual-flush capability, and self-cleaning features for unparalleled performance. Join us as we delve into the standout attributes of the T0338W-10, recommending it as a top choice for those seeking a sleek, efficient, and user-friendly toilet solution.

Sleek Design for Modern Spaces

In the pursuit of contemporary aesthetics, the HOROW T0338W-10 stands out with its sleek design, making it the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. Its one piece construction exudes elegance and simplicity, seamlessly blending into the overall decor. This modern one piece toilet is designed to elevate the visual appeal of your bathroom while providing exceptional functionality.

Compact Dimensions, ADA-Compliant Height

Space constraints in modern bathrooms demand innovative solutions, and the HOROW T0338W-10 delivers. With its compact dimensions, this toilet is ideal for smaller spaces without compromising on comfort. Additionally, it meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) height requirements, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for people of all abilities. The T0338W-10 offers a practical solution for both residential and commercial settings.

Water-Saving Dual Flush Technology

Water conservation is a pressing concern in today’s world, and the HOROW T0338W-10 addresses this issue with its dual flush capability. This feature allows users to choose between a partial flush for liquids and a full flush for solids, effectively reducing water consumption. By embracing this modern one piece toilet, you not only contribute to water conservation efforts but also save on your utility bills without compromising performance.

Self-Cleaning and Low Maintenance

Cleaning the bathroom is often a tedious chore, but the HOROW T0338W-10 eases the burden with its self-cleaning features. The glazed ceramic surface and efficient flushing system help prevent stains and residue buildup, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic toilet. With minimal maintenance required, you can spend more time enjoying the benefits of a modern and hassle-free bathroom experience.


In conclusion, the HOROW T0338W-10 is a testament to modern toilet design, offering a compact, ADA-compliant, and water-saving solution. Its sleek design, efficient dual flush technology, and self-cleaning features make it a top choice for those seeking a modern and user-friendly toilet. Embrace modernity in your bathroom and enjoy the superior performance of the HOROW T0338W-10, a true embodiment of style and functionality.

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