How to Play Over/Under Extremely Accurately to Find Chances of Returning to the Bank

Finding out how to play Over/Under is an indispensable part to help bettors participate in betting more effectively. Because the game pays randomly, it can bring many risks if the player chooses the door without careful calculation. So how to increase the winning odds? New88 today ? Today’s article will share with us the most detailed instructions.

Top 4 ways to play Over/Under correctly without adjusting

Over/Under is one of the top popular pick-and-roll games in the system with super attractive winning bet refunds. To ensure you always make the most accurate money choices, please immediately apply some of the following good tips:

Calculate the probability of finding the door or leaving

The way to play Over/Under that most bettors apply today is calculating probability. We will consider which bets in the previous 10-15 bets in the game often return, whether they are consecutive or not. If a combination of 5 or more hands comes out, the possibility of coming out is very low, otherwise the player can freely catch it to quickly win.

The most appropriate probability calculation is for Over or Under bets. Because surely one of the two above numbers will come back every time the system returns the dice results. At least customers always have a 50% chance of winning, combining data analysis to easily push the win rate to 70-80%.

Players should bet on the big win at the table

Based on the trend of the results

Another good way to play Over/Under that also brings high winning efficiency is to rely on session history to identify the trend of results. The bettor will know which player is running and promptly make the correct betting choice. Usually in betting games, the following situations often occur:

  • The bridge is more inclined towards one side in the dice: can reverse if that hand has returned in the last 4-5 consecutive turns.
  • Bridge 1-1: Over and Under bets come one after another, so catch them if there are no more than 5 turns, otherwise reverse the bridge.
  • Low bridge: Over or Under bets appear continuously, so only bet on them if they have not exceeded 5 results because the possibility of a comeback is low.

How to play Over/Under according to the person who is winning consecutively

Relying on other people’s luck to find the right betting opportunity always helps bettors minimize the risks from random selection. This is a smart way to play that brings a win rate as high as 80% if you know how to deposit money properly. We just need to observe which winning member at the table to bet on. If the results are positive in many consecutive bets, put in your capital accordingly.

To get x2 x3 bonus money back into your pocket quickly, people can consider increasing their bets or doubling their bets. If you want to know who owns the “golden” hand in closing the door, bettors can go to the winning history of the game and refer to it. Thereby helping us avoid the headache of calculations that sometimes lead to errors.

Each way of playing Over/Under brings different winning betting results

Do not catch Over/Under results according to exact numbers

Most new players are often attracted to bets that predict the exact total number of dots on 3 dice faces. However, this is not a good way to play Over/Under because it is difficult to find the correct answer in each dice roll without a hacking tool. The possibility of us making the wrong money and going out of pocket is extremely high.

In addition, with the Over/Under based on the number of dots, it is often difficult to calculate the probability or catch the incoming bridge. Just a small mistake when calculating can cause the player to quickly lose the bet. That’s why newcomers to the game should not be greedy for big rewards and just lock in.

Things to remember when considering how to play Over/Under

Finding good betting tips is just the first step for us to participate in the game more confidently. To ensure that you choose the correct bet to win big prizes, players must also pay attention to the following issues:

  • Depending on each version of Over/Under betting, different betting methods need to be applied. For example, with 3D games that pay random prizes using algorithms, priority should be given to calculating probability or based on the tendency of the doors in recent turns. As for Casino games betting with Dealers, pay attention to the operations to predict the change in dice position or analyze the table to find the right door.
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  • You should apply many ways to play Over/Under at the same time to choose the door with the highest winning potential. If you are not sure about your chances of winning the bet, you should only spend a small amount of capital to bet to avoid burning a lot of money.
  • Stay away from cheating because it is easy for the house to detect them, cancel the payout results and block your account immediately.

Always choose the appropriate betting method for each Over/Under version


Detailed information about the most accurate way to play Over/Under at NEW88 has just been introduced to players. Please refer to the appropriate tips right away to immediately apply them to your fun. Surely we will soon find a life-changing opportunity when we successfully close many winning bets organized by the bookmaker, thereby receiving a huge refund.

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