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Introducing the Hoymiles HMS-800-2T: A Powerhouse for Your Solar Needs

The Hoymiles HMS-800-2T microinverter is an innovative step forward in the solar industry’s dynamic landscape. With an unmatched output of up to 1000 VA, this powerful unit is a multipurpose solution that meets the demands of contemporary solar installations.

The Hoymiles Advantage

Hoymiles, a renowned leader in the solar industry, has engineered the HMS-800-2T with the utmost precision and efficiency. Featuring Reactive Power Control, this microinverter is fully compliant with a host of industry standards, including EN 50549-1:2019, VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, UL 1741, and ABNT NBR 16150, among others. This level of compliance ensures seamless integration and optimal performance in your solar setup.

Redefining Safety and Efficiency

Safety is of paramount importance in any solar installation, and the Hoymiles HMS-800-2T delivers on this front. Equipped with rapid shutdown compliance and an isolated transformer, this microinverter provides an extra layer of protection for your rooftop solar stations. Additionally, its high-powered capabilities ensure maximum energy harvesting, optimizing the efficiency of your solar system.

Versatility at Its Finest

The Hoymiles HMS-800-2T is not just a single-purpose unit – it’s a versatile solution that caters to a range of solar needs. From the HMS-800-2T to the HMS-900-2T and the HMS-1000-2T, this series of microinverters offers a variety of output options, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your solar project, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial application.

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

At the heart of the Hoymiles HMS-800-2T lies a commitment to excellence. Engineered with the latest technology and rigorous quality standards, this microinverter promises unparalleled performance and reliability, ensuring that your solar investment delivers optimal returns for years to come.


Unlock the full potential of your solar system with the Hoymiles HMS-800-2T microinverter. Discover the perfect balance of power, safety, and efficiency that this cutting-edge technology offers, and take your solar journey to new heights.

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