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Since its official launch in the Vietnamese online lottery market in August 2019, Keno lottery has attracted the attention of the community thanks to its diverse gameplay, attractive prizes and especially its frequency. Prize drawing takes place quickly and continuously with hundreds of cycles per day. If you are wondering or not sure, follow the article below to get basic knowledge about how to play and tips for playing keno lottery with experts at the house. Nhà cái uy tín

Learn about Keno lottery

Keno lottery is an online prize exchange game held regularly at online casinos. With a form of play based on judgment, players must randomly choose 1-10 numbers from a set of numbers from 01 to 80. The system automatically draws 20 numbers, then compares them with the results you have chosen. initially with systematic results.

All processes ensure fairness because they are performed based on complex algorithms, without outside influence. Therefore, players can be completely assured of security and feel free to bet on these results, which are guaranteed to be fair because it is done by a system with complex algorithms and without the intervention of the government. human. If you are still worried about security, you can rest assured and place bets according to the house’s instructions to experience the Keno lottery.

Effective ways to play Keno lottery

First, you need to choose a series of numbers that you think will bring you luck to win a certain prize. This set of numbers includes 1 number and a maximum of 10 numbers. These numbers are selected from the range from 1 to 80. Participants must spend at least 10,000 VND for each winning ticket.

When players choose a set of numbers, they will participate in multiple prize draws in one or more cycles. Currently, the total prize value is a multiple of the face value of 10,000 VND. There are three different forms of play in the Keno game. Therefore, the gameplay of each type will be different. Below are specific instructions on how to play each form of Keno lottery that you should refer to:

Odd Keno: Players need to choose at least 13 odd numbers from 20 results in one spin.

For example, you win if 20 numbers have results equal to or greater than 13 numbers: 03, 07, 11…

Keno Even: The player chooses at least 13 even numbers from 20 results in one draw.

For example, you win if 20 numbers contain results equal to or greater than 13 numbers: 04, 08, 12

Mini Keno: The player chooses at least 13 numbers from the set of numbers 1 – 40 out of 20 results of the drawing.

For example, you will win if the result of 20 numbers given is equal to or greater than 13 numbers: 03, 10, 32…

Big Keno: The player chooses equal to or greater than 13 numbers from the set of numbers 41 – 80 out of 20 results of that drawing.

For example, you win if the results of the 20 numbers given are equal to or greater than 13 numbers: 41, 50, 60…

Remember 5 things to play keno lottery easily

Whether you are just experiencing Keno lottery for the first time or are familiar with Keno lottery, you need to pay attention to the following 5 things to avoid missing the opportunity to win.

What level is the Keno prize?

Keno lottery offers players prizes from Level 1 to Level 10; The higher the level, the bigger the prize. Specifically, level 10 is the level with a “huge” bonus of up to 2 billion VND/10,000 VND prize (maximum 10 billion VND if the prize is 50,000 VND). However, according to Vietlott system statistics, Keno Level 4 is the most popular choice among Keno lottery players.
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The difference also lies in Keno Level 8, Level 9 and Level 10 by rewarding players whose set of numbers does not match any numbers compared to the drawing results. That means the player buys a “10 pack” of lottery tickets with 10 numbers and receives a prize of 50,000 VND. If all 10 match, you win 10 billion VND, but if no number matches, you still receive a reward of 50,000 VND.

Play Keno lottery in an easy way to win

All the even/odd and large/small winning options have an average probability of winning between 10% and 40%. The option that generates the highest prize is even or odd, and the amount received is 20 times the prize amount (if won). For example, with a prize of 100,000 VND, you receive 2 million VND.

This method of winning prizes does not have to match each number on the purchased lottery ticket, but only depends on whether the total number is even or odd, large (from 41 to 80) or small (from 01 to 40) in the drawing period. set of 20 resulting numbers. Recently, many players have won Keno lottery prizes thanks to this style of play.

Check the frequency of appearance

In fact, many lottery players have won prizes by observing the numbers displayed in recent draws. However, some people like numbers that appear rarely, while others like numbers that appear more often. Therefore, this is the basic source of reference data and whether you win or not still depends on luck.

Choose numbers that appear consecutively – Should or should not?

Some Keno lottery players often avoid choosing consecutive numbers. However, because each drawing is completely independent, choosing consecutive numbers or not theoretically has no effect on the probability of winning. For example, the result of dialing 0125619 at 11:00 a.m. on December 27 shows the numbers 01, 03, 04, 05, 07 or 19, 20… consecutive or very close to each other.

Depends on financial ability

This needs to be clearly stated for all lottery players, not just Keno lottery. Each person has different financial capabilities, so the amount of money spent on the lottery may be different but should only be limited to a certain amount. Especially for people with low and unstable incomes who are having to pay bank interest on their debts, careful calculation of cash flow is essential.

Keno lottery prize structure at  Nhà cái uy tín

Keno lottery is a new lottery form of bookmaker  Nhà cái uy tín. When playing you can choose from 1 to a maximum of 10 numbers from 01 to 80. Online Keno lottery results are announced daily from Monday to Sunday at 6 am to 9:55 pm. With a rotation frequency of 10 minutes/period, you can buy numbers continuously or check numbers based on the frequency of winning numbers announced by the house.

The prize rules provided by bookmaker  Nhà cái uy tín are as follows

Prize structure for 1 play for 10,000 VND: The horizontal line represents the lucky number you choose, the vertical line is the number you win with the results of that drawing.
Example 1: You play 10 numbers (see horizontal line) and win 5 numbers (see vertical line), then you get a reward of 20,000.
Example 2: If you play 9 numbers and win all 9 numbers, you will easily win 800 million, right?

  • In each drawing, if you have the same 10 numbers, the prize cannot exceed 10 billion VND.
  • If there are 5 winnings or less during the drawing period, each winning turn will receive 2 billion VND.
  • If there are more than 5 prizes during the drawing period, the value of each prize is 10 billion divided by the number of wins.
  • The prize you receive is multiplied by the number of times you play (1 time is equivalent to 10,000 VND) with the corresponding value of 1 play.

For example: buy 2 tickets worth 10,000, play 1 number and win 1 number on 1 ticket, you will double the prize value of 40,000 VND.

Rules for prize values ​​for additional gameplay

For each additional way to play, you can only receive one prize tier (i.e. you can only play one way). The prize value will be multiplied by the number of participations. If you win twice in one play, the prize value will be doubled.


Hopefully with the information shared above, you will understand more about Keno lottery, how to play as well as good tips to be able to choose the best numbers for yourself. Learn and use creativity to find your own rewards. Register for an  Nhà cái uy tín account today to experience and evaluate the most authentic form of this lottery.

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