Latest instructions for playing baccarat online in 2024

Baccarat online Win55 is a card game loved by many people at the house. Not only is the gameplay attractive, the game also gives you the opportunity to receive generous bonuses. Let’s explore now!

What is online Baccarat?

Learn about the online Baccarat game

Online Baccarat is one of the indispensable games in any Casino. The game is built in the form of confrontation, players will bet on available doors, the side with the higher score will win.

In this game, the dealer will use 4 – 8 of these familiar 52-card decks (remove the Jokers and wilds).

In Baccarat there are 3 main doors: Banker, Player, Draw. In particular, if you predict the house will win, bet on the Banker, if you predict the house will win, bet on the Player, if you predict a tie, bet on Tie.

Instructions for playing baccarat

To become a master and make big money from online Baccarat, you need to understand the details of the game rules and how to calculate points. As follows:

How to calculate points in online Baccarat

Instructions on how to calculate points in online Baccarat

At the beginning of the betting game, the Dealer will deal 2 cards to Banker and Player, each side. From these 2 cards, we need to know how to calculate the points to see which side will be dealt a third card.

  • The Ace card will be counted as 1 point.
  • Cards from 2 – 9 are 2 – 9 points respectively.
  • The first cards J, Q, K and 10 will count as 10 points.
  • The final score is calculated as the number in the units place.

For example: Banker receives 2 cards, 10 and 9, totaling 19 points but we will only count them as 9 points.

The draw rule is the 3rd card in online Baccarat

Not every betting side has the right to be dealt the third card. This is the interesting point that attracts players of this game series. Let’s find out with Win55.

For Players

  • The total score of the 2 cards initially received is from 1 – 5 points, then you will receive a 3rd card.
  • If the total is 6 or 7 points, no further division is allowed.
  • If the total is 8 – 9 points, the Player will win naturally.

For Bankers

As for this bet, the rules for dealing the third card will be a bit more complicated, so you need to pay attention.

  • If the total of the initial 2 cards received is 3 points or less, the 3rd card will be dealt.
  • If the Player has 7 or 9 points with 3 points, he will be given more points, and if the Player has 8 points, he will stop withdrawing.
  • If there are 4 points and the Player has 7 or 9 points, he can deal more, but if the Player has 0, 2, 3, 8 or 9 points, he cannot deal a third card.
  • If there are 6 points and the Player has 6 or 7 points, the Banker is dealt the 3rd card, but if the Player has 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, then stop drawing more.
  • If it is 7 points, no more cards are allowed to be dealt.
  • If it is 8 or 9 signs, the Banker wins naturally.

Experience playing Baccarat online is sure to win

Revealing Baccarat playing experience from experts

In addition to understanding the rules of the game and how to draw more cards in online Baccarat, you need to remember the following smart playing strategies:

  • Allocate capital appropriately, don’t put all your money in one particular door.
  • Priority is given to betting on Player’s hand because this is a bet for the house, there will be no fee charged to the house.
  • Limit bets on Tie because the probability of 2 draws is very low.
  • Players should not be too eager to play and must know how to stop at the right time, whether they win or lose.


Online Baccarat is an attractive and popular game casino win55. Don’t forget to introduce your friends to play this game to get the most rewards.

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