Learn About  Live cockfighting In Cambodia

Cockfighting has become a game in our country for a long time. It appeared during small-scale temple festivals. According to the development of today’s society, the game of cockfighting has become popular on a larger scale and appears in many countries in Asia. Especially in Cambodia, Live cockfighting appeared publicly with a large and prestigious stone field.

 Live cockfighting in Cambodia

If you are a lover of folk games, you have probably heard the phrase “ Live cockfighting Cambodia”. In Cambodia, there is the largest cockfighting arena in the country called Thomo. Every day, about 20 – 30 large and small cockfighting matches take place here in a professional competition format.

Thomo has a large area and can accommodate up to several hundred people, so every day many people come here for entertainment. This place is equipped with the most modern equipment to be able to broadcast online clearly.

Unlike Vietnam, all betting games are banned and violate the law. Well, in Cambodia Live cockfighting is legally recognized again. In addition, cockfighting is also considered an industry that can bring the country huge economic benefits.

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Why is cockfighting in Cambodia so popular?

Cockfighting in Cambodia is very popular with everyone, why is that? The first reason to mention is work Live cockfighting legal in Cambodia, so you can freely participate without worrying about breaking the law. For this reason, the cockfighting game is directly managed by Cambodia. So every cockfighting arena will be public and have transparent results, preventing fraud.

The next reason is that there are many matches in one day. Every day at the arena, many matches can take place, satisfying your interests.

Besides, the chickens here are strictly trained to create extremely satisfying and attractive cockfights.

Rules for  Live cockfighting Thomo

To be able to see Live cockfighting In the most fascinating way, understanding the law is extremely important. Here are some things players need to know:

  • The chickens participating in the competition will be evaluated for their weight and given a certain number. The fighting school will then upload the data to the computer to randomly select two fighters to compete against each other. In case two chickens quit competing, the remaining chicken will compete with the chicken prepared by the house – called the joker chicken. If the two chickens have a large difference in weight, they will be reconsidered and compete according to the rules.
  • Cocks participating in competitions will usually come from professional players to ensure transparency and safety for the match.
  • Players will have time to place bets before the match starts.
  • If the chicken runs away, dies or can no longer fight, it will be considered a loser.
  • In a rare case where two cocks do not compete, it will be considered a draw.

 Live cockfighting at ALO789

Alo789 is a reputable bookmaker for those who have a passion for the game of cockfighting. Although it was only recently launched in Vietnam, it has quickly shown its great appeal.

Right from its launch,ALO789 has been granted an operating license from competent domestic agencies; Deposit and withdraw money quickly with a variety of methods; Always prioritize customer experience with a friendly customer service team; Website interface is easy to use and friendly;….

In addition, when experiencing cockfighting betting atALO789, you also receive extremely great incentives, as follows:

  • When registering to bet, 100% of new players receive great incentives up to 3,000,000 VND;
  • If the cockfighting bet loses, there is still a very high refund incentive of up to 1.5%;
  • Every week there will be updated promotions for everyone to experience.

Above is the knowledge about Live cockfighting Cambodia that everyone can refer to. Hope you can understand more about this game, as well as have good experiences hereALO789.

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