Optimize Cooling Efficiency with the DC3010 DC Fan by YCCFAN

Discover the versatile DC3010 DC Fan by YCCFAN, a powerhouse cooling solution also referred to as a “muffin fan“, designed to elevate your cooling systems to new levels of efficiency and performance.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

The DC3010 DC Fan boasts impressive operating temperature capabilities, with Ball bearing and CycleSeal bearing options offering reliable performance in temperatures ranging from -10℃ to +70℃. This feature ensures consistent cooling even in challenging environmental conditions.

Strong Dielectric Strength

Featuring a dielectric strength of 5mA maximum at 500 VAC 60Hz for one minute between the frame and terminal, the DC3010 DC Fan guarantees robust electrical insulation to maintain safe and stable operation during use.

Versatile Function Options

Equipped with a range of function options including FG, RD, PWM, Auto Restart, and Polarity Protection, the DC3010 DC Fan offers flexibility and customization to suit various cooling requirements, making it a versatile choice for different applications.


In conclusion, the DC3010 DC Fan by YCCFAN is a top-tier cooling solution that combines a wide operating temperature range, strong dielectric strength, and versatile function options to deliver unparalleled cooling efficiency and performance. By integrating this fan into your cooling systems, you can enhance thermal management and ensure optimal airflow in diverse settings. Elevate your cooling setup with the DC3010 DC Fan and experience the difference in cooling effectiveness and reliability.

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