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Secure Your Production Line with Easyweigh’s Industrial Metal Detector Conveyor

Easyweigh is a leading provider of advanced metal detection solutions for various industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. With a focus on product quality and compliance, Easyweigh offers cutting-edge conveyor metal detectors designed to enhance safety and efficiency in production lines.

Advanced Technology for Food Safety

Easyweigh’s Industrial Metal Detector Conveyor FMD-30/40/50/60 ensures optimal food safety by detecting metal contaminants with high sensitivity and stability. Suitable for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel, this conveyor metal detector is a must-have for businesses in the food processing industry.

Industrial Metal Detector Conveyors: An Overview

Specialized devices called industrial metal detector conveyors are used to detect and remove metal impurities from goods as they are transported over a conveyor belt. These systems are essential for guaranteeing the quality and safety of a wide range of goods in sectors like textiles, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. A smooth and automated inspection process is made possible by the combination of a metal detector and a conveyor, which reduces the need for physical intervention and streamlines production.


Trust Easyweigh to provide you with reliable and efficient conveyor metal detectors that can elevate your product quality and ensure regulatory compliance. Explore their range of food metal detectors today and experience quick responses within 24 hours before and after the sale to support your operational needs. Choose Easyweigh for peace of mind in metal detection technology.

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