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Have you ever wondered about the Northern lottery experts Did they do anything to get the numbers accurate? Perhaps new players are still very confused about this topic. Let’s Viva88 Find out in the article below to find out their methods and apply them to your prediction.

What is the northern lottery expert?

This term here indicates lottery and lottery players who have many years of experience. Combined with betting odds, based on statistical probability and betting rules. These rules will be calculated according to the lottery results of the previous day’s draws. Through that, they can select the numbers with the highest lottery odds of the day.

Summary of tips from northern lottery prediction

In addition to relying on information and results of XSMB prediction. You need to improve your own experience to win many great prizes. In the section summarizing tips from experts in northern lottery prediction. In addition to providing knowledge, experience, tips, prediction tips and lost secrets. You will also have the opportunity to practice based on the combined results from previous stages.

 Besides, there will be specific cases that will be analyzed and synthesized by experts. Thereby enriching your own practical Northern prediction experience. This knowledge helps you participate in the Northern lottery, especially participating in lottery predictions. It offers effective strategies, improving the winning rate better. Special help reduces depending on the available results.

Prediction is easier with northern lottery experts

Like all other sports, players participating in Northern lottery predictions also need specific instructions. The purpose is to advise, support as well as need a fellow student to learn and exchange. So we created a lottery site with leading experts. Let’s find out what methods these experts use to predict fortunes.

Method to find the white lottery number

Players need to observe at the golden hour of the previous day’s results, is there a number missing in the middle? Because it is very likely that this missing number will appear high in the following days.

For example, the day before, 39 and 41 appeared 2 or 3 consecutive times, but 40 did not appear. Or you can farm in batches for better results. Guaranteed with this technique according to the opinions of northern lottery prediction experts. The winning rate you receive can be up to 80%.

Method of predicting falling lottery numbers

This is one of the lottery techniques most applied by many northern lottery experts. There are two popular types of lottery prediction techniques:

  • Falling lottery technique: If you see that today’s lottery results are similar to the previous day’s lottery drawing results. The next day you can choose it as a lottery to continue playing.
  • Falling lottery technique: If you realize that today’s lottery has the same result as the previous day. It is very possible that in the next 3 days this lottery will still appear. It should be noted that the possibility of appearing is also quite low.

3-day batch culture method

You will conduct lottery results in the last three days and pay attention and observe. That is, is there any day in the result of the 7th prize that the first and last numbers appear the same? If so, you just need to choose that number, the middle number of the special prize. Then create a pair of lucky numbers for the next 3 days.

The method of divination using lucky numbers to raise the frame for 3 days is quite effective. In our opinion, this is a rare case. But if they appear, enter your money right away to ensure you bring home big prizes. Because the winning rate they bring is extremely high, guys.
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Method of raising 2-win lottery numbers of northern lottery experts

When you conduct prediction using this technique, you need to rely on the results of 4 corresponding lottery prizes. If you find the rule that the two middle numbers are sandwiched by one or two balls, then choose the middle number to play the lottery. You should play continuously for the next 2 days to have a chance to win big prizes.

For example: Lottery results with prize 4 correspond to 2948, in which 8 is ball number one. At this point, you should choose the number 94 to play and raise the frame for 2 consecutive days to ensure you win the big prize.

Method to reverse the results

This is one of the techniques most often used by Northern lottery experts. Because they don’t require you to calculate too much. You just need to take the results from the previous day and then reverse them to play today.

For example: The previous day’s result was 63 and the next day was 36. If you apply this method to grow the frame for 5 days, it will give the best results. Although it is a simple method of predicting lottery numbers, it is as effective as other complex techniques. Lottery betting is also one of the easiest ways to play lotteries and lotteries that many players use regularly. .


Through the above article, we hope you will learn lottery playing methods from northern lottery prediction experts. Wishing you all the best in honing your skills soon to earn great rewards.

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