Why Should You Come And Work At Okvip Group In 2024?

How to apply for OKVIP is a common question of many workers. For many years, this has been an ideal working environment with high salaries and attractive benefits. Please see the detailed instructions below to clearly understand how to work and apply to the corporationOKVIP Please.

Which positions should I apply to OKVIP?

Currently,MissThe company is recruiting many positions in Cambodia with attractive salaries. If you’re looking for a job brother scan refer to theseMisswork below.

Image designer

OKVIP is recruiting many positions in the design department to be responsible for the image of the business. All candidates who graduated from college or higher in graphic design have the opportunity to apply for OKVIP.

In this position, you will design products such as posters, banners, vouchers, websites, images for social networks… In addition, employees will also design additional media publications and graphics at the request of the company. group and department heads.

If you try this position, you will receive a salary of 35 million. If working officially, the employee’s income will be up to 40 million. Besides,MissThe company also has many other benefits so you don’t need to worry about salary.

Apply for the position of website programmer

If you have programming expertise, you can apply to OKVIP for this position.MissThe specific work here is to support the construction and development of enterprise systems with twoMissThe main jobs are Frontend Developer and Backend Developer.

To be able to work in this position, brothersMust have at least 1 year of practical experience in Backend (Nodejs or .NET) and Frontend (Reactjs or Angular). If you have a university, college, intermediate or industry-related certificateMissInformation technology professionals will be given priority.

In addition, this position requires personnel to have programming thinking and the ability to solve logical problems. If you can read and understand English and understand many programming languages, it will be a big advantage.

The salary for this position can be from 40 – 50 million per month. Not only that, candidates will also receive an additional bonus of 5 million each month and an increase of 10 million each year.

Apply to OKVIP for Digital Marketing position

Digital Marketing staff isMissThe dream job of many young people today. Currently, OKVIP is recruiting for this position with an extremely attractive salary.

When assuming this position, the employee will be in charge of multi-channel digital marketing. Not only that, staff will build advertising systems on many platforms such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, online forums…

In addition, candidates in this position need to have skills in writing attractive content, building and developing SEM projects, SEM = SEO +PPC. In addition, Digital Marketing staff in general need to have the skills to book ads and collect statistics on potential customers to create successful strategies.Missoff.

This position prioritizes recruiting people who have graduated from intermediate level or higher in Marketing. If you have experience in this field, recruitment priority will be given. The current salary for Digital Marketing employees is up to 50 – 70 million a month. In addition, you will also be paid attractive commissions according to the brand’s policy.

Apply OKVIP for Facebook ads position

OKVIP Marketing Department is currently recruiting staff to run Facebook ads. Specifically, staff will be in charge of multi-channel marketing on the platform, building a plan to run Facebook Ads to suit each Marketing strategy.

Anyone can apply for OKVIP to get Missing the best job

In addition, candidates in this position are also responsible for budgeting, planning, and researching advertising options. Occasionally, you will provide additional support to other departments if there is an assignment Missing of the department head.

MissThis job requires candidates to have at least 6 months of experience running Facebook ads. In addition, you need to be able to keep up with new trends and be able to withstand pressureMissjob. The current salary for this position is from 30 – 40 million plus attractive commissions of 5 – 7% per month.

Current professional recruitment process at OKVIP group

Current professional recruitment process at OKVIP group

One of the outstanding advantages of the group is its extremely methodical and professional recruitment process. Here, you will understand the brand better and Missjob before choosing whether to start or not.

Step 1: Contact to receive OKVIP application information

To know the content clearlyMissFor specific jobs and how to apply, employees should contact the human resources department. They will discuss the position and provide you with a full description Missing.

OKVIP’s recruitment process is extremely professional and methodical

Step 2: Submit your CV and remove relevant documents and records

When deciding to work, candidates send their application to https://okvipgroup.online/ , CV and some necessary documents via email provided by the human resources department. After reviewing your application, the HR team will contact you to schedule an interview.

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