Detailed instructions on how to play bull bull for new players

How to play bull bull? What are the rules and regulations of the game? Tips on how to play. This is definitely a question that attracts a lot of attention from new players as well as experts. Because this game is quite simple, easy to play, and has a very high chance of winning prizes. Don’t miss this information’s New88 because the answers to the questions are in the article.
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Overview of the bull bull game

How to play bull bull? This is a game whose title originates from China, also known as Cool Stew. Thanks to extremely simple game rules combined with super attractive reward values, the game has spread to the world and become popular in Vietnam.

Coming to the reward game portal, the game gradually seems to be more perfect than the original. Because the interface is increasingly modern and modern, approachable and simple to operate. Besides, the sound is extremely vivid. For those who are new to the game, they can participate in betting. Like other games, bull bull uses a deck of 52 cards.

Bull bull game rules and easy to understand

How to play bull bull? The rules of this game are not as complicated as players think. If you want to participate, you just need a little time to learn and you can get started right away. Specifically, when starting a game, the player will be dealt 5 cards and these 5 cards will be divided into 2 parts.

  • 3 is the card on the left: the total score of these 3 cards on the right must be 10 – 30.
  • 2 cards on the right: These 2 cards must have the highest score possible.

Next is to compare and contrast with the dealer. The player with the highest rating wins. If the participant does not have a rating, compare it with the score or suit of the highest card to determine the winner.

Instructions on how to play bull bull for you guys

How to play bull bull is extremely simple, according to the rules of each game there will be at least 2 and maximum 6 participants. At the beginning, each bettor will have the right to be chosen as the dealer or randomly selected by the system. Next, you will bet money, then all participants in the game including the dealer will be dealt any 5 cards.

How to play bull bull? The task of each player is to arrange their cards into 2 sides: 3 cards in the left hand and 2 cards in the right hand. The purpose of that arrangement is to create card rankings based on bull, and finally compare and contrast the scores to determine winners and losers. Details are as follows:

  • If the 2 cards of the player and the dealer both contain Bull, the scores of the 2 cards on the right will be compared. Victory will belong to the side with the higher total score. In case the card scores are equal, continue comparing the score of the highest card in the pile. If the highest card is equal then the final comparison will be to suit.
  • If the two hands of the participant and the dealer do not have a Bull, then compare the highest card of each hand and the side with the higher card will win. In case the highest card is still equal, then compare. Compare to the remaining leaves. Finally, compare the quality if it is still equal.

Experience and how to play bull bull effectively

Basically, according to many people, the way to play bull bull is quite simple. Winning or losing depends on the way the cards are arranged as well as the luck factor. However, if you want to have a chance to win, players can pay attention to some experiences that we summarize as follows:

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  • Create your own way to play with others:

The first thing besides understanding the rules and how to play bull bull, you need to be flexible and create your own method. Because if you don’t do that, you will be stereotyped in your thinking and dependent on others. If you don’t research, you won’t find a style that suits you.

  • Know how to arrange cards properly:

According to how to play bull bull of experts, arranging cards properly will bring extremely high efficiency to players. If the 2 cards belong to the above category, priority should be given to arranging them to get the highest score because this is the factor to win. In addition, such an arrangement will help you find out your opponent’s tactics, strengths and weaknesses.


Our article above has compiled detailed information for you how to play bull bull and some experience. Hopefully, participants can understand more about this form of entertainment to have more confidence to participate in playing.

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