Instructions for Playing Standard Roulette with a Winning Rate of Up to 99.9%

Instructions for playing roulette This is a basic thing every player needs to know before entering the official betting game. So that players can have the most accurate and accurate view of this type of bet. Down here New88 I will share with you some basic information later, stay tuned!

A few words about roulette New88

Roulette is known as a casino game and is present in most casinos of online bookmakers. This game, although developed online, still retains its traditional features.

When starting the betting game, a wheel will be prepared on the spinning table and the dealer will divide the numbers from 0 to 36 evenly. The player’s task is to correctly guess the number or group of numbers that result. The ball will fall into the prize after spinning.

The roulette table will usually be marked with black and red boxes, corresponding to the color of the numbers on the wheel at the wheel. Cell number 0 according to regulations will be painted green or dark blue to distinguish it from the remaining number cells.

Players can choose to bet on individual numbers or based on color, groups of numbers or based on even – odd or high – low. After the player has placed all bets, the dealer will spin the wheel and toss the ball in the opposite direction of the spin. When the wheel stops, which box does the ball fall into? If it hits the number box you bet on, you will win and receive the corresponding prize.

Extremely simple  Instructions for playing roulette  at New88

In order for players to have the most accurate way to play to help achieve high winning efficiency, bettors please follow the following instructions:

Register an account New88

First, learn about Instructions for playing roulette Members need to visit the official website of the house New88 Follow the latest standard link 2024 and register a player account. The account registration process is extremely simple, as long as players make sure to follow the bookmaker’s instructions correctly.

Deposit money into your account

After registering a betting account New88 If successful, members need to deposit money into their account to be eligible to bet at the roulette wheel. Dealer New88 Cooperating with many reputable and famous banking units domestically and internationally. Therefore, you can flexibly conduct transactions through many different methods to learn Instructions for playing roulette while still ensuring safety.

Select the roulette game hall

After successfully depositing money into your account New88, players can completely access the roulette betting lobby and start experiencing it. Here, the house offers players many different betting versions for everyone to choose from. Choosing the right gaming hall will help you play the game happily and bring home more prizes

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Rules in the guide to playing roulette at New88

In playing roulette, the rules of the game are considered an important factor, the main determinant of the player’s victory. Let’s learn the basic rules of playing roulette here New88 with us:

  • For playing roulette with a wheel containing numbers in order from 0 to 36, players should prioritize choosing probability rules to predict the probability of occurrence.
  • In the European version, the roulette table only has a 0 slot, while the American roulette version has both a 0 and a 00 slot. According to Instructions for playing roulette , when the ball falls into one of these 2 boxes, all outside bets (including odd-even bets or red-black bets) will lose the bet.
  • Before placing a bet, players need to carefully observe the previous results and predict which numbers are likely to come up next time.
  • To improve winning efficiency, players can flexibly apply playing tips such as outside bets, color bets, inside bets or bets on odd-even numbers, etc. However, no matter which way you choose to bet, you should research carefully to avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Common notes when playing roulette bet players need to know

Making mistakes while playing roulette is unavoidable, but in order not to interrupt the game, you need to pay attention to some of the following basic mistakes to avoid making them:

  • Before placing a bet, players should consider carefully to analyze and make the most appropriate betting choice.
  • Understand the rules clearly Instructions for playing roulette so that the betting process is as convenient as desired.
  • Manage betting capital effectively, play with stops.
  • Choose a game room that suits your abilities, avoid wasting a lot of money.


The above article details the steps Instructions for playing roulette which we have compiled. Hopefully through these shares, you will choose standard playing tips and apply them effectively to win the biggest win!

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