Learn Details About Handicap Rules in Online Cockfighting

Handicap rules in cockfighting Online is often used at many different bookmakers. To be able to play effectively, the cocker also needs to clearly understand this rule. So in the article below, 789 BET will share all important information for bettors to refer to.

Learn about handicap rules in cockfighting

Cockfighting is a type of folk game that has appeared for a long time in Asian countries. After a long process of development, there is now an online version of cockfighting where bettors can watch exciting matches and bet directly at home.

For that reason, there are more and more online bookmakers offering cockfighting. All are broadcast live from many places around the world and are guaranteed to be legally safe. Therefore, cockfighters can safely place bets and watch eye-catching matches without worrying about any problems.

In tournaments, to ensure fairness all cocks must have the same weight. And Handicap rules in cockfighting That is, the chicken owner agrees with each other. If both are satisfied with this handicap, the match will take place. With a fighting cock, there is a difference in appearance and weight.

Common handicaps in cockfighting

Each region and country has it Handicap rules in cockfighting vary depending on the regulations of the organizer or agreement between participants. Therefore, the regulations on this type of bet in the article below are only for reference, to help you gain more understanding before placing a bet.

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As mentioned above, depending on each region, the handicap rate also changes. Therefore, when participating in cockfighting, cockfighters need to be careful to learn and clearly understand the cockfighting handicap rules set out at that cockfighting ring, making sure they do not violate the rules.

  • Rough-feathered chicken: This is a breed of chicken with superior body shape, so there is no significant difference. If the difference is 40 flowers or more, a conflict will occur and must be used Handicap rules in cockfighting. The handicap will gradually increase if you own about 15 flowers.
  • Bamboo chicken: This is a breed of chicken with a small body so the difference is not too significant. Normally, there will be a difference of about 30 flowers and a handicap will appear.

Handicap rules in cockfighting It is used a lot because it helps balance the match, bringing convenience to both sides. The match will be played as expected and the result will definitely be successful.

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In recent times, the type of cockfighting with knife spurs and iron spurs is increasingly popular and chosen by many people. However, there are still a few fields that have not applied this type of handicap. Therefore, we will provide important content to help you better understand the cockfighting laws:

  • For bantam chickens handicapping spurs: If the difference between two cocks is more than 40 flowers, the handicap will be 1 stick, if the difference is 80 flowers, the handicap will be 2 sticks.
  • For feathered chickens: Handicap rules in cockfighting The spurs for this variety are similar to the above. However, the difference is that when the difference is 50g, it is called a handicap bet.
  • Other chicken lines: For the remaining common chicken lines, this rule does not change or differ too much.

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Note when learning handicap rules in online cockfighting

After understanding the details of the handicap rules in this attractive entertainment subject, in order to be able to bet effectively and earn lots of bonuses, you also need to note the following things:

  • Choosing a reputable bookmaker: In addition to understanding clearly Handicap rules in cockfighting Whatever is online, players need to choose a quality playground. This helps ensure your betting process is safe and fair, avoiding fraud or legal risks.
  • Seize betting opportunities: Time management and choosing the right match to bet on is always very important, because it directly affects your win or loss.
  • Set a specific budget: Set a plan with a specific playing budget and make sure to stick to it. Avoid betting all your money in one match.
  • Time management: It’s best to only spend about 1 to 2 hours a day participating in online cockfighting, and don’t play too much.


Above is all the information about Handicap rules in cockfighting online that 789BET wants to share. Hopefully the above useful knowledge will help cockers better understand this rule and play most effectively.

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