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Red card bets appear quite a lot in soccer select and are increasingly used commonly. Bettors can win big when applying this bet, it is also extremely interesting. In the article below, let’s go Nhà cái uy tín Learn more about this bet and the strategy to win big.

What type of bet is a red card bet?

Red card select is also known in English as Red card select, it is used by many people in select. With this bet, players will make their predictions about the number of red cards that the referee will issue during the match. Then, based on the odds that the house has set, bet money accordingly.

This popular type of select receives the attention of many people and can win big. But it is not too easy so it is also considered a challenge for everyone.

Red card select is also considered to have quite a high degree of luck, but that does not mean it is difficult to achieve. Many players, after gaining experience, have used this bet effectively and received high rewards.

Example of how to bet on red cards in soccer

Red card bets are also divided into many different types, so you need to pay attention to apply them correctly. Before placing a bet, players also need to read the odds offered by the house, then decide whether to deposit money or not.

Asian Handicap red card

That means you will have to make your prediction about the number of red cards the two teams may receive.

For example, after the end of 90 minutes of play, the number of red cards received by both teams is 1. If you guess correctly, you will quickly be rewarded by the house; otherwise, you will lose the bet.

Over/under red card select

The most widely used form is the over/under red card bet, Over/Under. Players will have to predict the number of cards that the referee will give out within the prescribed playing time.

For example, the game portal gives a rate of 3 red cards that can appear during the match, but in reality at the end of the whole match there is only 1 card.

  • If the player chooses Over, it means predicting more than 3 red cards will lose the bet.
  • As for those who choose the under bet, that means predicting a red card of less than 3 will receive a bonus.

Odd even red card bet

Red card parity is quite interesting, so many people also use it to win prizes. With this bet, you must predict whether the number of red cards given by the referee in the match will be even or odd.
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For example, at the end of the match, the total number of red cards given by the referee is 2.

  • For those who bet on even numbers, they will win big and win bonuses.
  • On the contrary, players who choose the odd option will lose bets and money.

First/last red card select odds

First/last red card select also brings excitement to many people. With this way of playing, you will have to make your judgment as to which team will receive the first or last red card from the referee.

For example, two teams A and B play against each other. Suddenly, a player from team A uses violence many times and is given 2 yellow cards by the referee, equivalent to 1 red card.

  • If you bet on team A to get the first red card, they will win and win the entire bet.
  • Those who get money for team B will lose, because the side that gets the red card is A.

In fact, bets related to red cards do not take place often. Because of its severity, if a player is given a red card, it means he loses the right to play in that match.

In addition to select on red card odds for the whole match, many game portal also offer first half and second half bets. Usually these red card bets will appear a lot in highly decisive matches. Any team that has a strong, aggressive attack style will easily be punished.

Strategy for playing red card odds for you guys

To win in red card select, you should not leave it all to luck, but should combine and use reasonable strategies. So we will reveal to you some smart playing methods to easily win this bet.

Strategy for playing red card select by researching first

An important thing when playing online soccer select is to research before the match.

You must make a judgment about the nature of this match: friendly, knockout or group stage, etc. Because the players’ playing psychology also depends a lot on the results they want.

For example, matches where two teams are sure to qualify for the next round are often played lightly. Partly they know the outcome of this match won’t change the situation, partly to rest their health. So aggressiveness is not high and red cards rarely appear.

In case two teams are fighting in a knockout match, the drama will increase. Because they want to win, they tend to attack fiercely. At that time, collisions and bad play may occur, causing the referee to issue a red card.

So researching before the match is the playing strategy you need to learn. The more clearly we understand the desires of the two teams, the more accurate everyone’s judgment will be.

Statistics and data and evaluation of the squad and players – Strategy for playing red card select

To help bet on red cards correctly, don’t depend on luck. What you need to do is take the time to find out data related to the two teams. For example, who is the squad they will appear in the next match? How do those players play football, is it more about technique or strength?

Besides, you also need to understand the competition tactics between the two teams. For sides that are more defensive and like to use technique, penalties are rare. As for teams that like to attack and use a lot of physical strength, they are more likely to receive a red card.

Players should also review the matches that these two teams have participated in recently. To both understand the gameplay, as well as the number of red cards they have received, in what cases.

Bet in advance or watch live – Strategy for playing red card select

A small tip you should also apply is that select in advance or watching live will be the most reasonable.

Often people will prioritize select on live football matches. Because they can witness good plays with their own eyes, increasing the suspense. Besides, it limits fraud and is not afraid of being pre-arranged.

Don’t place soccer bets rashly, it’s best to take the time to research all the data in advance. Only then will you pay out money that suits your budget and playing strategy. Don’t risk playing too big, because red cards are also bad luck and can make you lose everything.

Through what Nhacaiuytin Share, surely you understand about the red card bet, right? This type of bet is also loved by many people, but does not appear often. Hopefully, when applying the above knowledge, it will help players identify strategies, choose reasonable bets and receive great rewards.

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