OKVIP Alliance – Asia’s leading online betting entertainment class

LIÊN MINH OKVIP – symbol of reliability and quality in the field of online game betting in Asia. Here, customers can participate in a variety of entertainment games without having to worry about safety issues. To learn more about the company and its branches, please read the introductory information below!

The journey of forming and developing the OKVIP alliance

Since its inception, the OKVIP brand has made its mark through important stages of development as follows:

  • The brand was founded in 2006 with the original name Taipei101.
  • In May 2023, there was a major change in business strategy and brand name, changing to OKVIP. This is not only an important turning point in the history of development but also opens up new directions for the future.

Core values

To achieve the goal, the company has built a detailed and comprehensive plan. The company aims to not only grow rapidly but also maintain its core values:

  • Expand the market to become the leading place for high quality media entertainment services.
  • Focus on linking with reputable game providers, ensuring the freshness and appeal of the game store.
  • Strengthen marketing activities and constantly innovate.
  • Make an effort to participate in charity activities and community projects.

Business direction of OKVIP alliance

The company always develops a transparent business strategy, aiming to conquer outstanding successes in the entertainment industry:

The expansion process has been demonstrated through the following timelines:

  • 2006: The brand was introduced as Taipei 101.
  • 2008: Opening of the first office in Manila, Philippines.
  • 2012: Entered the online game market in Korea.
  • 2015: Expanded business activities in China and began to cooperate with major partners such as Tencent, Perfect World,…
  • 2018: Construction of headquarters in Bavet, Cambodia.
  • 2020: Expanding to Vietnam with diverse entertainment and media services.
  • 2023: Restructure the company with a new name and expand relationships with many different partners to introduce new and unique game products. This proves OKVIP’s commitment to providing customers with online betting entertainment experiences that are not only diverse but also quality and new.

OKVIP alliance’s commitment to customers and the community

Throughout its operation, OKVIP always puts customers and community responsibility first. The company constantly improves service quality and creates a safe and fair entertainment environment for everyone:

  • Actively listen and receive feedback from customers to improve and enhance service quality.
  • Ensuring transparency and fairness in all betting games, with a strict control system.
  • Implement community and charity support programs, affirming the role and social responsibility of businesses.

The future and development goals of the OKVIP alliance

OKVIP aims to not only consolidate its position as the leading destination in the field of online betting entertainment in Asia but also expand its influence globally. The company sets goals:

  • Expand the scale of operations and develop new markets, to reach more customers around the world.
  • Continue to invest in technology and innovation, to enhance user experience and meet increasing entertainment needs.
  • Build and develop a strong OKVIP community where people can share their passion and experience in the field of online betting and entertainment.

With a clear vision and hard work, this alliance is confident it will continue to achieve more success in the future.

Diverse system of products and services at OKVIP alliance

OKVIP Group has continuously expanded its scale and enriched its product portfolio. Our goal is to provide customers with unique, highly creative entertainment experiences. We are committed to bringing a variety of innovative entertainment options to serve the diverse needs of customers.

Closely monitor sports trends

At the OKVIP alliance, we are not only an entertainment provider but also a companion to sports fans. Through the live match viewing service on the OKCHOI platform, we also provide customers with updated information and in-depth knowledge about various sports. Wherever you are, this brand will help you not miss any sporting events.

Creation and distribution of entertainment services

League OKVIP prides itself on its ability to create and distribute unique entertainment products. We not only produce novel entertainment experiences but are also responsible for distributing them to our partners’ platforms. Helps players have more options and conveniences when enjoying top entertainment games conveniently.

Enhance communication activities with partners

We constantly strive to enhance communication and promotional activities for our partners. The goal is to expand influence and increase interaction between the product and end users, to achieve maximum effectiveness in every campaign.

Committed to philanthropy

League OKVIP always values ​​its responsibility to society and is committed to participating in charitable activities to improve community life. We have carried out many meaningful charity projects, including supporting education, healthcare, responding to natural disasters and supporting disadvantaged families. These tireless efforts demonstrate the group’s commitment to the goal of building a prosperous society where everyone is cared for and supported.


In short, the alliance OKVIP is not only a leading online betting address in Asia but also a symbol of class and professionalism in the entertainment field. With the variety and richness of games and professional customer service, this brand is bringing players a great experience and cannot deny its position in the online betting industry. gland.

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