How to Play Phom Hi88 Most Professionally and Effectively

How to play Phom effectively opens up opportunities for many bettors to win huge profits. With the desire to help players more easily get acquainted with the game, the following article Hi88 will provide you with unbeatable tips on every bet.

Some basics about how to play Phom

Phom is a traditional game loved by many Vietnamese people. With the development of the 4.0 technology revolution, a network of entertainment versions has appeared at online bookies, including super products. Accordingly, at each betting table you will be dealt 9 cards by the Dealer.

The way to play 9 card phom is that the gamer must use strategies in each move to defeat the opponent. Besides, you also have the right to draw more or arrange them into the most beautiful card combinations to win.

How to play Phom – Understand the terms

First, to know how to play Phom professionally, understanding the terms in this version is of utmost importance. Specifically:

  • Phom: A deck of 3 cards of the same value or consecutive lines of the same suit.
  • Odd cards: This term refers to trash cards that do not have the ability to combine with other cards.
  • ù: The instructions for playing phom stipulate that ù is when all 9 cards are dealt evenly and are capable of forming combinations without any odd cards.
  • Taking the pin: It means that at the end of play, the opponent puts down a trash card and you can still block it.
  • Send: Participants can only send when the previous opponent has shown their cards and your cards are capable of forming a phom set.
  • Temple: Instructions for playing phom asking for compensation when the player gets hit and is buzzed at the same time. At that time, you will have to “offer money” to the remaining opponents.
  • Re: This term is used when you capture a trash card and you will have the right to move into positions and play the card one more time.
  • Stacks: Are understood as the remaining pieces after distributing 9 cards to each person. They are placed in the middle of the table for gamers to pick in rounds.

Do you know the standard card playing rules?

To learn how to play Phom well, it is best to clearly understand the rules in the betting game. Here are the super standard betting rules:

  • When your opponent wins 2 cards and runs out of cards, you will have to pay the village.
  • If you own a very strong deck of cards, be proud to act quickly. At that time, all participating bettors will have to pay your bets.
  • When the match is almost over but no one is buzzing, everyone will turn over the cards to determine the winner or loser. If the player has the smallest total score, he loses. Accordingly, the trees from 2 to 10 have a value equivalent to the number displayed on the leaf. The cards 10, J, Q, K, and Ace are specified as 11, 12, 13, 1.
  • When both players have the same number of points, the player who takes the last turn will fail.

Instructions on how to play Phom 100% effectively

Surely for newly introduced rookies, arranging cards to form beautiful combinations is still quite difficult. Therefore, the following content will guide you how to play Phom most accurately:
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How to play phom rac co

It can be said that this is one of the useful methods that gives very surprising results. This card playing technique requires each participant to have the ability to observe and predict the opponent’s cards. This will help you lure them out to the plants you need.

Fishing techniques according to phom sap and phom hall

Surely for long-time gamers, this card trick is very familiar. Accordingly, during the game, each participant will find ways to create different sets. For example, you have 8 or 9 muscles. At that time, you must lower your cards to get 10 cards then your opponent will create a combination of 8, 9, 10.

Use the odd betting formula to play phom

How to play Phom according to the odd betting rules is also one of the most favorite methods of many gamers. During the game, you should choose a trash tree that cannot form a combination with other pieces to go first.

If you can reduce these odd leaves, the success rate of buzzing will be very high. Besides, participants can also choose to play white cards that have nothing to do with the cards the opponent used. Then they won’t be able to stop you.


Above is sharing about how to play phom that Hi88 studio has updated to you. Hopefully with that content, participants can confidently use good card playing methods and bring big rewards to their pockets as expected.

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