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Lately, technological evolutions have given a significant rise to the advancements in the learning sector. Online Learning is one of such expansions. Consequently, the Government of India has authorized a plethora of universities to provide UGC-entitled online degrees for the first time in the nation.

Online education has given diversified industries the most prodigious professionals. Undoubtedly, a student can now upskill and gain the market relevant education without any career break.The flexibility and accessibility to pursue your education from any place makes it the best option if you’re a working professional or plan on working while studying.

What is a UGC-Entitled Online Degree?

The government provides various recognitions to the degrees. These entitlements make them valuable. Also, it lets you decide the perfect course for your upskilling. The University Grants Commission or UGC approves of a certain degree, thereby providing validity. More than 100 universities have the permit for online degrees.

Benefits of Online Degree

The pros of pursuing an online degree are endless. That’s why the Government is actively promoting to opt for online education. They are gaining more popularity than the traditional degrees. Below are a few advantages of online degree:

  • Flexibility-

Unlike an offline classroom, the online one doesn’t bind you with strict timings. The learner can tailor their lectures to fit in the schedule. For working professionals, the multi-taskers or the ones who want to gain work experience while learning, an online degree is the best option.

  • Accessibility-

      Whether you’re traveling or in the office, you can access your class from wherever. With online classes, students no longer need to go to the campus, and can take the class from the comfort of their home. Everything is available on the online student portal that’s accessible from anywhere.

  • Horizontal Platform-

Online learning platforms are a one stop solution to numerous things. Onlookers can find all the details and different courses on one screen. It’s easier to explore the options and choose what’s best for you. Besides, it displays the accreditations and recognitions of the university and the degrees offered. Thereby, making everything handy for the learner.

  • Learning at individual pace-

Every student has their own pace to learn and explore things. With an online degree, it is now a cakewalk for most students. Now the candidates mostly tailor their classes as per their own schedule, there’s no pressure on them to match with others, unlike in the on-campus classroom. The exam dates of the online degree can be decided out of the provided dates as per one’s availability. Besides, the duration of the online program is not rigid like the offline one.

  • Cost Efficient-

UGC-Entitled Online Degree is an ideal opportunity for the students or the working professionals. Apart from being flexible and their easy access, these are more economical than an on-campus course. It’s both time and cost effective.

The UGC-Entitled Online Degrees are just what we need. Pupils can go for remote learning without worrying about its validity. Every recruiter must recognize it equal to the degree achieved from the offline mode. Students can gain multiple skills at the same time.

   Online Master’s Degree

There are numerous online degrees that students can go for to excel in their career. Introspect your skills and go for the degree that aligns with your future plans. Listing below a few industry relevant Master’s degrees that are in high demand-

  • MBA-

The Master’s in Business Administration aces this list. The degree is a gateway to leadership roles and high end professional career. Most of the working professionals prefer going for an online MBA degree as they gain on the market relevant knowledge and a recognized degree while adding onto their work experience.

  • MCA-

Master’s in Computer Applications is the next in line that is good for career growth. The era of technological boost calls for the experts in the sector. The screens are taking over and the professionals are in demand. Therefore, MCA is a good option as there are great career opportunities.

  • MSC-DS-

Data Science is yet another degree that’s in huge demand. Data science engineers and the experts are required in every industry. Pursuing this degree will certainly provide you with numerous career options.

Apart from these there are a few more programs like MCOM, MA, etc. The e-learning option is a great chance to upskill without compromising on any other segment of growth.

Online Bachelor’s Degree

The students and freshers who’re aiming to have a good professional career must do a thorough research. There’s a plethora of options waiting out there. Explore and decide what aligns with your future goals. Listing a few under-graduate online degree courses below-

  • BCA-

The online Bachelor’s in Computer Applications opens various career options for the students. The course is in great demand and the students can complete their graduation while learning other skills as well. As there’s no pressure to move to a physical classroom, students can manage their time accordingly.

  • BBA-

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration is a choice of multiple students. This opens a gateway for administrative roles. BBA followed by an MBA while working altogether is a significant option leading to a flourishing career.

BCOM and BA are few other good choices for the bachelor’s degree. The freshers or the learners can learn according to their schedule and comfort. Also, gain on their work experience in the similar field.

Breaking Myths With Facts

The online master’s degree or a bachelor’s one has been in a constant comparison in terms of its accreditations, and confusion on who all can pursue it. Let’s delve into reality and decide for ourselves.

  • The Recognitions-

The online degrees have all the necessary approvals and recognitions. We discussed the UGC entitlements above in the article.

  • Equivalent-

It’s the biggest rumor that online degrees are not equal to the on-campus ones. The government has highlighted that there’s no difference between an online or an offline course. The employers evaluate on the basis of skills and learning and not the mode of achieving the degree.

  • Only for Experienced Workers-

The online degrees are not designed only for upskilling of the working professionals. Anyone can go for the course and gain an equal amount of learning. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, it’s a great option for everyone.


The online degrees are gaining popularity after the government has highlighted that these are equal in all terms to the traditional physical classroom learning. The entitlements and the benefits of e-learning is no secret. The students are pursuing the online degrees without any hesitation as it’s beneficial in all ways. The Universities are offering online degrees for numerous courses. Besides, there’s no compromise on the faculty or the placement. The industry relevant curriculum, the quintessential mentors, the practical exposure and a great placement support is all that’s needed and Online Manipal has it all. It’s a choice of many students and professionals.

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