Share how to play Bau Cua trick to surpass all opponents

Playing games, everyone wants to win. With Bau Cua, the player’s ambition lies not only in entertainment but also in the feeling of great satisfaction and winning must also be within reach. How to increase your win rate? Playing the game honestly is not a smart strategy. Let’s find out with 789BET how to play gourd crab cheat in the tutorial blog below


Referring to the famous gambling game in Vietnam, it would be remiss not to mention Bau Cua Tom Ca. Bau Cua is a game that has long appeared in life, especially during holidays and Tet. With the development of the Internet, Bau Cua has become even more popular as an online game. Bau Cua Tom Ca attracts players with its simple gameplay. To receive rewards, players place bets on dice including Bau, Crab, Shrimp, Fish, Chicken or Deer.

The most popular types of crab gourd today

To be able to absorb how to play gourd crab cheat, players need to clearly understand the game they will participate in. Currently, there are many types of crab gourds on the market. Therefore, there are also very diverse product lines related to crab gourds, with about 18 types of equipment and tools to make the process of playing crab and shrimp fish easier, such as: Crab gourd listening beads, see-through lenses. Crab gourd box, crab gourd shaking calf box, crab gourd shaking camera box,… However, the most used is still the 6-sided vibrating crab gourd newspaper box.

The above beads use microscopic chips attached to the inside of the crab gourd box and are extremely sophisticatedly designed. Get standard and accurate newspaper results by identifying the position of the gourd of 1-sided, 4-sided, and 6-sided newspaper beads.

The gentle vibration makes it easy to distinguish the emerging faces and appear one by one. The alarm rhythms are very easy to distinguish, there are only simple vibration alarm rhythms such as: 1 short – 1 long – short short – short long – long long and no alarm, the vibration rhythms are easy to feel.

In particular, the passing distance is very suitable, about 5 – 7m, providing easy support for players. The time to use the 6-sided vibrating alarm set is 1 month, long enough for you to conveniently arrange the bets.

How to play gourd crab for beginners

Bau Cua is not a difficult game, even for newbies. However, if you want to be able to play gourd crab, you need to practice so you don’t get confused. Learn how to play Bau Cua Chec fully for beginners below:

The crab gourd toy has a camera attached

The barrel-like shaking device is equipped with a tiny camera to help players see clearly. Playing Bau Cua Che becomes easy when the images are clearly transmitted via the wireless screen.

Advantages of combining a wireless monitor and a camera box:

  • The screen is designed and manufactured into the phone, extremely compact and lightweight
  • The wireless monitor is easy to use and pocketable
  • Compact, lightweight and discreet
  • The distance to transmit and receive images from the camera shaking the crab gourd is guaranteed to be 5m – 7m
  • Other monitors will receive signals over 10m

Because it is built into the phone, it is not easy to detect. This product is easy to experience, bringing you closer to the winning position

How to play Bau Cua Chep with the Vibrating Bau Cua sound chip

Normally, new players will play blindly and based on their emotions. Except for those who can hear the sound of the beads inside the bowl. But with this way of playing Bau Cua, not everyone can do it and the risks are quite high, mostly thanks to luck. Therefore, the trick of playing Bau Cua was born through support products that become effective saviors for players.

With a vibration alarm chip, also known as a crab bead hearer, it is a great choice. The crab betting machine ensures absolute safety from being discovered by others thanks to its integration with modern features so players can bet with peace of mind.

To start the vibrator, the player needs to press the start button within 3 seconds. To ensure secrecy and not be detected, players need to hide the trick crab tool inside their body. In order for the machine to record the sound from the crab bead set, the player needs to skip the first 3 or 4 rounds of shaking the crab bead from the dealer and can start playing when they hear the machine vibrate.

When playing Bau Cua, players choose the appropriate door according to the vibrator on their body

  • If the vibrator has a short vibration, it will beat the shrimp
  • The vibrator has 2 short vibrations called Fish
  • The vibrator has 3 vibrations called Chicken
  • If the vibrator has 1 long vibration, hit Crab

Crab potting mat set

When it comes to carpet bases for playing gourds, they are manufactured with the main parts: carpet base, box without tang. Even if an opponent peels or breaks this box, nothing will be discovered.

With this tool, the player is completely in control of what number the dice return. If you want to return to crab and fish, the 2 crabs will vibrate, and the 1 fish will vibrate. The returned results are highly accurate.

A device that senses the core of a crab’s gourd

How to play gourd crab with this other device includes two sets of vibrating alarms and one sticky core. You can absolutely use the opponent’s rolling pieces and bowls and plates. You just need to touch the playing pieces and you will win. The buzzer will let you know which animal to choose, helping you win overwhelmingly

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Reasons why you should choose to use a crab egg player

Share how to play Bau Cua trick to surpass all opponents

The reasons why both new and veteran players should choose the crab player among countless devices and tools are:

  • The product helps increase the odds of winning big
  • Absolutely no evidence, 100% leaving no evidence during the participation process
  • The bag vibrates gently but cannot be felt by the body, does not create noise or strange sounds
  • Can be hidden because the device has a sophisticated, compact design
  • The maximum distance for sound analysis is 1m – 3m
  • When shaking, the machine automatically records sound and will give the player accurate door placement results
  • Players do not need to use crab gourd seeds or bowls
  • The crab gourd listening device can almost hear all the sounds of the crab gourds in the market, the house’s ripe green products, including paper, plastic or foam crab seeds, etc.

The concept of cheating is not true

In the benefits section above, we mentioned the concept of cheating crabs without tang. So what is a cheat crab gourd without tang? This is a very diverse form of deception at real-life casinos. To put it simply, the player will not have any equipment such as thrones, plates, bowls, etc.

All of these items will be available from the casino. The trick of Bau Cua is to use smart supporting objects to help players cheat in the game of Bau Cua Tom Ca. Possessing the strength of technology, many modern devices are born and become increasingly sophisticated. The variety of products helps owners choose suitable equipment.


Above is a summary of how to play Bau Cua Chec. We will continue to post the best experiences, creating a game blog to accompany you on the path to conquering the highest winning position. Experience today at 789Bet with online crabs that are just as attractive as real crabs. Visit and become a part of this diverse gaming world.

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