The accessibility of big sports these days: what is the minimum of entry for young talent?

Now there is a tendency to expand opportunities for the population to engage in different sports, that is, amateur sports are becoming more accessible. But at the same time, investments in big-time sports are only increasing; significant sums have to be shelled out for sporting success.

Children can engage in amateur sports in sports schools, it is free. The only question that remains is equipment. And professional sports always require large expenses. This is not only time and mental energy spent by parents, but also significant financial investments. However, the fees of professionals in these sports are amazing.

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Auto racing

The most costly and spectacular sport is auto racing. The most titled drivers earn extravagant fees, and billions of dollars are spent on tracks, vehicles, and events.

Purchasing an old card may cost 1.5-2 thousand euros, while a new card will cost 3 thousand euros. It is not difficult to imagine that producing a champion in this sport will necessitate significant investments. All of the costs associated with the kart, including maintenance, training, track rental, and equipment, rest on the parents.

It should also be noted that the youngster must continually compete in numerous tournaments. Furthermore, as the athlete grows, so will their needs: a new engine, further training, new cards, and tournaments. For parents, the expenditures of such a sport might exceed 200,000 euros per year.


Tennis is commonly known as the sport with the greatest expense. Elite tennis players earn more than $25 million in profits each year. Raising a professional in this sport would be a demanding and expensive task for parents.

Raising a professional in this sport will be a difficult and costly challenge for parents.

And this time, it’s not about the equipment. Tennis success requires skill, perseverance, and consistent practice. Private courses might cost around 3,000 rubles per hour. And by the age of seven, the youngster will require 1-1.5 hour courses four times a week.


This sport will not be traumatic either for the child or for your wallet. You can send your child to a sports school and study for free. At the same time, it may be necessary to resort to the paid services of a trainer before the child reaches seven years of age.

The accessibility of big sports these days: what is the minimum of entry for young talent?

Football, volleyball, basketball

These sports are among the most budget-friendly, especially when it comes to activities “for the soul”. Of course, in professional-level sports the prices are different.

As in all sports games, there is also a set of necessary things: clothes, shoes, a ball, as well as hard training. As a rule, some schools are free and some are paid.

Table tennis

To practice this sport you need several sets of clothes and shoes: in the autumn-winter season, this is a tracksuit, in the summer – a T-shirt and shorts. Preference is given to comfortable and natural fabrics.

Shoes should be as comfortable as possible because you have to move a lot and quite quickly. These can be lightweight sneakers with rubber soles or fabric sneakers.

The only equipment you will need is a racket. For beginners, a standard one is also suitable, but the higher the level, the better the racket should be. It is selected individually: it costs on average $150, and one pair of pads starts from $100.

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The threshold for entry and investment in different sports varies. At the same time, one must be prepared for the fact that in big sports not everyone manages to become a champion since this is associated with great physical and psycho-emotional stress, high injury rates, competition, intrigue, and persecution of rivals.

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