The secret to judging football is based on the team’s tactics

One of the most accurate ways to evaluate football is to provide analysis based on tactical diagrams. Because in football, a team will use one of the following three types of diagrams: defensive, balanced, or attacking. Although a team can have multiple formations during a match, they usually choose only one specific formation. Therefore, understanding how to analyze the game based on the tactical diagram will help you extremely easily in the process of making predictions when online sports betting. In this article, the betting guide will show you how to analyze gameplay based on the three most popular diagrams today.

Diagram 4-4-2

According to the 4-4-2 formation, it tends to be defensive and is the most popular formation in football today. By allowing the four midfielders to quickly drop back to support the defense and limit the opposition’s attacking space, this formation helps create a great defensive line.

The 4-4-2 formation will be most effective when the two wingers have speed and technique, so they can quickly attack and defend. This tactical formation also allows the central defenders to track the opposing attackers and limit their scoring opportunities.

In general, teams that apply this scheme will have a style of play that favors flank attacks, taking advantage of high-speed wingers. Normally, once this formation can score early, they will create a rain of goals. On the contrary, when the match is deadlocked, this diagram will prove difficult to create surprises. From this, you can apply the over/under odds to make football predictions.

Diamond diagram

The diamond formation allows a midfielder to rise up and play as an attacking midfielder. Meanwhile, a midfielder will play low and focus on defense.

The diamond formation relies heavily on the holding midfielder, whose job it is to stop attacks, recover the ball, and then deploy the ball to the attacking midfielder or winger.

Coaches using the diamond formation often choose the strongest and most durable players to play as central defenders to limit range and quickly quell opponents’ attacks.

The attacking midfielder must be a player with excellent ball retention and passing ability, because it is this player who creates opportunities for the two midfielders above him. The two wingers must be agile and strong to be able to quickly support attacks.

This formation is a great strategy against teams that tend to attack through the middle instead of using wingers to create space.

Normally, this diagram will create an extremely strong defense system that is difficult to penetrate. If you come across this diagram during the betting process, you should form an opinion about the direction of the match, where there will be few goals and the team that owns this diagram will not put too much emphasis on winning by a large margin.

Diagram 4-3-3

The 4-3-3 diagram is a great attacking diagram. Here are some important notes on using the 4-3-3 diagram:

  • Possesses a talented striker capable of creating space in the penalty area to play in a central position in attack.
  • Midfielders can easily pass the ball to wingers. Wingers can take advantage of the space along the touchline or lead the ball into the middle.

The 4-3-3 formation requires a player capable of covering the field with great endurance. This player must be ready to play as a defensive midfielder, participating in attacks or providing support for teammates when necessary.

With this diagram, teams will have a fiery attacking style with the resolute goal of finding the opponent’s net. When encountering this diagram during betting, you should make an assessment in the direction of many goals; the match is prone to unexpected events.

Above is a way to accurately judge football based on the three most popular diagrams today. I hope you will apply it successfully and always win with your own choices.


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