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Vaitheeswaran Tamil Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

Vaitheeswaran is a Tamil language film that was released in the year 2008. It is a drama film that was directed by S.R. Chandra. The movie features a star-studded cast including Sarath Kumar, Meghna Naidu, Vadivelu, Nassar, and Vineeth.

The story of Vaitheeswaran revolves around a man named Vaitheeswaran, played by Sarath Kumar, who is a doctor by profession. He is known for his medical expertise and is respected by everyone in his community. However, he is haunted by the memories of his past and is struggling to come to terms with them.

The movie takes a dramatic turn when Vaitheeswaran’s wife gets kidnapped by a group of terrorists. He goes on a mission to save his wife and is willing to do anything to bring her back safely. The rest of the movie follows Vaitheeswaran’s journey as he battles against all odds to rescue his wife.

The performances in the movie are top-notch. Sarath Kumar, who plays the lead role, delivers a power-packed performance. He brings depth and emotion to his character and makes the audience root for him throughout the movie. Meghna Naidu, who plays the role of Vaitheeswaran’s wife, also delivers a solid performance.

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Apart from the lead actors, the supporting cast also shines in their respective roles. Vadivelu, who is known for his comic timing, provides some much-needed comic relief in the movie. Nassar and Vineeth also deliver noteworthy performances.

The movie is a visual treat with stunning cinematography and excellent background score. The music by Srikanth Deva complements the movie perfectly and adds to the overall experience of watching the movie.

In terms of reviews, Vaitheeswaran has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. While some have praised the performances and storyline, others have criticized the movie for being too predictable and formulaic. However, the movie has a strong fan base and is considered a cult classic in Tamil cinema.

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