How to play Aviator with 1xbet?

Aviator is a cool game at 1xBet, where you follow a virtual plane flying and guess when it will crash. It’s super easy to understand, making it a favorite for many players. The game is a bit unpredictable but uses a fair system to decide outcomes. 

Since it started in 2019, Aviator has been loved by Indian bettors in online betting. But if you’re unsure how to play, don’t worry! Our experts have made a guide for you to learn how to play Aviator, the game rules, and much more info on 1xbet Aviator.

How to play 1xbet Aviator?

Playing 1xBet Aviator is a breeze once you’ve created an account with this bookmaker Just follow these simple steps to play your first Aviator game: 

  • Go to the bookmaker’s official website or the 1xbet app.
  • Log in to the betting account and head to the online casino. 
  • Choose the Aviator from the available options and click on it. 
  • Enter the game area and input your bet amount.
  • Click on the ‘Bet’ for each round before it starts. 
  • Watch the plane soar, and your potential payouts rise. 
  • Decide when to use the cash-out option to secure your potential winnings.

1xBet lets you try Aviator for free with a demo version. Give it a shot, and once you get a hold of the game, you can start betting with real money. In addition, Indian bettors can also get a welcome bonus of 33,000 INR upon making the initial deposit.

With 1xbet Aviator, you can set the Aviator bet on Autoplay and Auto Cashout; here is much info on these features:

Autoplay: You can set your Aviator bet on Autoplay, determining when the game should stop. Choose conditions like reaching a specific balance or decreasing it by a set amount based on your preferences. 

Auto-Cashout: The system automatically cashes out your bet when it reaches the multiplier you initially selected before starting the game. This feature adds convenience to your gameplay experience and helps in better outcomes.

1xbet Aviator game rules

Indian bettors can also play the Aviator game within the 1xbet app, which is available to iOS and Android users for free download and installation. Bettors can play the game once you register and fund your betting account.

Every casino game comes with a few rules which must be followed to claim higher profits. Here’s a simple guide to the rules of the 1xBet Aviator game: 

1. Bet Before Takeoff 

You can place bets on as many game rounds as you want in 1xBet Aviator. Input your stake to place a bet; you can even place two bets simultaneously if you wish. 

Remember, you have a few seconds between each round to place your bets before the game starts and the plane takes off. Once a round begins, you can’t place new bets until the previous round ends. 

2. Watch the Plane Take Off

This is the moment that requires your full attention. As the plane ascends, observe how your potential payout increases. Concentrate on this phase as it prepares you for an important decision determining your potential winnings. 

3. Cashout Before the Plane Disappears

The rule is simple: you must cash out before the plane disappears. Deciding when to cash out and secure your potential winnings is entirely in your hands. If the plane crashes and you haven’t cashed out, you’ll lose your stake and any potential winnings.

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