Cuckoo (2014)

Cuckoo (2014)

Cuckoo (2014) Tamil Movie Cast, story And Reviews

Cuckoo is a 2014 Tamil drama film directed by Raja Murugan, and produced by Fox Star Studios. The movie features new faces – Dinesh and Malavika Nair in the lead roles, while Aadukalam Murugadoss plays a supporting role. The film’s music was composed by Santhosh Narayanan.

The story of Cuckoo revolves around two visually challenged individuals – Sudhanthirakodi, played by Malavika Nair, and Vinod, played by Dinesh. The movie depicts their struggle to find love in a world that is often insensitive to the differently-abled. Sudhanthirakodi is a strong and independent girl who works in a flower shop. Vinod, on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky youngster who sings in a band. The two meet and form an instant connection, but they soon realize that society isn’t always kind to them.

The film showcases the hardships faced by the visually impaired in their everyday life, including the discrimination they face from society. It also shows the resilience and strength of the human spirit, as Sudhanthirakodi and Vinod overcome the challenges they face and find love.

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Cuckoo received critical acclaim for its portrayal of the visually challenged characters and its sensitive approach to the subject. The performances of the lead actors, especially Malavika Nair, were widely appreciated. The movie also won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Tamil Film, and was a commercial success at the box office.

The music of the film, composed by Santhosh Narayanan, was also a major highlight. The songs “Manasula Soora Kaathey” and “Dhaegam Sirahdha” became instant hits and are still popular among Tamil music lovers.

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