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Veeram (2014)

Veeram (2014) Tamil Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews: A Comprehensive Overview

If you are a fan of action movies, then you might have heard about the Tamil movie Veeram. The movie was released in 2014 and directed by Siva. The movie features Ajith Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Vidharth in the lead roles.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the movie Veeram. We will discuss the movie’s cast, story, and reviews. Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can decide whether or not to watch the movie.


Veeram boasts a talented cast that has done an excellent job in bringing the characters to life. Ajith Kumar plays the role of Vinayagam, a brave and righteous man who values his family and friends above everything else. Tamannaah Bhatia plays the female lead, Kopperundevi, while Vidharth plays Vinayagam’s younger brother, Shanmugam. The supporting cast includes Santhanam, Pradeep Rawat, and Atul Kulkarni.


The movie revolves around Vinayagam, a man who values his family and friends more than anything else. He lives with his brothers and their wives in a small village in Tamil Nadu. Vinayagam is a brave and righteous man who stands up for what is right. He becomes the protector of his village and fights against injustice.

Vinayagam meets Kopperundevi, a doctor, and falls in love with her. However, their love story faces obstacles when Kopperundevi’s father is against their relationship. Vinayagam has to fight not only for his love but also for his village.

The rest of the movie is an action-packed ride, as Vinayagam and his brothers fight against the local politician who is trying to take over their village.

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Veeram received mostly positive reviews from both critics and the audience. The movie was praised for its action sequences, Ajith Kumar’s performance, and the chemistry between Ajith Kumar and Tamannaah Bhatia. The movie’s music, composed by Devi Sri Prasad, was also a hit among the audience.

However, some critics felt that the movie’s storyline was predictable and lacked innovation. They also criticized the movie’s portrayal of women and the lack of character development for some of the supporting characters.

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