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Vetri Kodi Kattu

Vetri Kodi Kattu Tamil Movie Cast, Story and Reviews

Vetri Kodi Kattu is a 2000 Tamil-language drama film directed by Cheran and produced by Henry. The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Murali, Parthiban, and Meena.

The story of Vetri Kodi Kattu revolves around the lives of two brothers, Karmegham (Murali) and Bose (Parthiban), who have very different outlooks on life. While Karmegham is an honest and hardworking farmer, Bose is a selfish and manipulative man who is involved in illegal activities.

The film explores the themes of brotherhood, family values, and the consequences of one’s actions. The relationship between the two brothers is the heart of the film, with Murali and Parthiban delivering powerful performances that showcase their respective characters’ strengths and flaws.

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Meena plays the female lead in the film, portraying the role of Bose’s wife. Her performance is subtle yet impactful, adding depth to the story and characters.

The film’s music, composed by Deva, is another highlight. The songs are soulful and emotional, adding to the film’s overall impact.

Vetri Kodi Kattu received critical acclaim and was a commercial success. The film’s engaging storyline, strong performances, and powerful message resonated with audiences, making it a memorable experience.

Overall, Vetri Kodi Kattu is a film that is definitely worth watching. The movie’s themes of family, brotherhood, and redemption, coupled with the talented performances and emotional music, make it a powerful and moving drama.

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