What is First Serve Odds and Betting Experience

In soccer betting and many other sports, players may have heard of first serve bets. However, for new players, what does this type of bet really mean and how to bet? Let’s New88 Let’s find out.

What is first serve bet?

First, to understand the first serve bet and how to bet on this type of bet, we should learn about its definition.

This is a fairly popular type of bet in soccer betting. In English it is called Kick Off Bet.

In soccer or many sports played with balls, at the beginning of the match, the two teams will draw lots or choose the team to serve first.

That’s why this bet was born so players can predict which team will be the first to serve to start the match.

What are the characteristics of the first serve bet?

Unlike many types of bets that need to rely on the actual strength or developments of the tournament to make a betting judgment, the first serve bet does not need these factors.

Players betting on first serve simply rely on luck to bet on which team will win the right to serve first.

That’s why this type of bet is considered quite easy to bet on. But that’s why its odds are not high, players don’t earn much money from this type of bet.

However, because of the simplicity of betting, those who want to try their luck and at the same time want to play for fun and entertainment can refer to the option of betting in this form.

They will be extremely useful for those who want to find a form of entertainment that does not have to strain their brains to think, guess or predict.

When will the first serve bet appear?

As the name of the bet type itself suggests, the first serve bet will appear when the match has not yet started. Players will place bets according to the betting time specified by each bookmaker or betting organization.

When the match officially takes place and the right to serve is announced, it is also the time for the player to determine whether he or she has won the bet or not.

How to read First Serve Odds

Unlike many other complex types of bets, especially handicap bets, players need to learn how to read the bet.

With the first serve type of bet, players do not need to waste time reading because all the player needs to do is choose which team will receive the right to serve first.

Depending on the bookmaker’s ability to provide, the first serve bet can become a set or match bet. Players need to read carefully before depositing money.

Experience playing First Serve Betting

Although the first serve bet is one of the types of bets that are easy to place and extremely simple to win, when participating, players also need to pay attention to issues related to betting experience or:

Choose a reputable bookmaker

The first and most important thing when deciding to bet on sports in general, and first serve bets in particular, is choosing the participating bookmaker.

Players should just think that when they win a bet, whether the house will pay them the exact amount received with a quick payout time is a determining factor.

Because there are quite a few bookmakers appearing in the football betting market in Vietnam today and not all bookmakers complete their tasks well.

There are many cases where players lose money when they accidentally choose the wrong reputable bookmaker, leading to not receiving the bonus but also losing the bet.

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Bet moderately according to your ability

When participating in betting New88 football odds, winning and losing is very normal. Even though the probability of winning is 99%, there is still 1% that can change the situation.

That’s why players should play so that there is still a way to retreat. You should not go all-in because in sports in general and football in particular, especially big matches like the World Cup, everything can change at the last minute.

In addition, not every type of bet is worth spending all your assets on.

Players need to choose which type of bet is suitable for betting a lot and which type of bet is suitable for betting less.

Only then will the money you spend and the effort you put in be truly worthy of what you receive.

Maintain a stable mentality and calmness when playing

What is important when playing bets? This may be the question that many of you are looking for. In sports betting, especially soccer betting, psychological stability is extremely important.

Players, even participating in simple bets such as first serve bets, should maintain a stable mentality and calmness when playing to avoid possible risks.

Many players cannot maintain a stable mentality, so they bet incorrectly or are overconfident, leading to “crazy” betting without knowing which bets to place and which bets should not be placed.

Study the competing teams carefully

Another equally important piece of information is to thoroughly research the competing teams. This will mainly help you make judgments about other types of bets than first serve bets.

Because as we have explained and classified, the first serve bet is not affected by the playing ability of the two teams, is completely natural and is not affected by any factors that we can use. judgment to determine.

However, if talking about sports competitions in general, information about the competing team will help you bet on other bets besides this simple type of betting. Betting on many different types of bets also helps you limit losing bets.

Follow competition information closely

Why closely monitoring match information is important for bettors. When placing a bet, you need to know the team playing the match you plan to bet on, including which teams are participating, who will be on the field…

This information is very basic, it affects simple bets such as first serve bets. In sports in general, there are also cases where the right to serve first is allowed, so this type of first serve bet will not apply.

That’s why you need to carefully learn about the match information before deciding to bet.

Where is the best place to play First Serve Betting?

If you want to participate in the best first serve betting game, you should go to  New88 – Asia’s leading bookmaker, famous in the world of soccer betting in Vietnam.

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Furthermore, bookmaker  New88 has a clear and reputable business registration and has been operating internationally long enough to affirm their own identity.

Players get the best odds on the market with high and reasonable payouts. Besides, the house also offers many promotions.

This promotional offer applies to all customers and is completely not a scam or virtual promotion.

In addition, the bookmaker’s betting system is famous and supervised by the international betting commission, so it is completely safe for players.

All personal information of customers participating in betting is kept confidential and the house commits not to provide it to any other third party.

It is for these reasons that bookmaker  New88 has become a reliable destination for those looking for a place to bet not only on first serve but also many other types of bets.

So together we have learned all the details surrounding this simple but quite interesting bet. We hope that with the information in the above article, you will be able to understand more about soccer betting and place bets correctly to win.

If you need any more information about soccer betting in general or first serve odds in particular or any type of bet, don’t hesitate to contact us. Wishing you good luck, if you bet you won’t win.

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