What is shaking odds? The secret to catching the most accurate bets

Flutter bets have long been a familiar type of bet to many bettors. This type of bet attracts many players because of its attractive gameplay and large attractive bonuses. But not everyone knows how to grasp shaking odds. The following article will introduce to you all the information and tips for betting on this bet.
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What is shaking odds?

The shaking bet, or otherwise known as the Running bet, is one of the types of bets in soccer betting, offered by the bookmaker while the game is launching. Shake bets are usually only available during a certain period of the game, so players need to bet immediately.

Vibration bets can be bet on all types of football bets, but the most popular are over/under bets. The over/under bet is a type of bet that predicts the total goals of the game. When betting on over/under odds, players need to predict that the total number of goals in the tournament will be higher or lower than the odds set by the house.

Flutter odds can bring great results to gamers if they can correctly predict the details of the round. However, shaking bets also contain many risks, because gamers must make betting decisions in a short time, while the match is appearing.

Over/under is a bet on the total number of goals scored in a match. Over/under bets usually have the following bet levels:

  • Over 0.5: Total goals are 1 goal or more.
  • Over 1: Total goals are 2 or more.
  • Over 1.5: Total goals are 3 or more.
  • Under 0.5: Total goals 0 goals.
  • Under 1: Total goals 1 goal.
  • Under 1.5: Total goals 2 goals.

Over/under odds often change continuously according to the progress of the match. When a goal is scored, the odds will change in favor of the scoring team. For example, when the Over 0.5 odds are 0.80, after a goal is scored, the odds can change to 0.60.

Betting on over/under requires players to be able to quickly judge match situations. Players need to closely monitor the progress of the match to make accurate betting decisions.

When does shaking bets usually take place?

Usually, people will consider the shake bet to be a very good bet, perhaps because the time to start the shake bet is from the beginning of the match until the ball stops rolling on the field. It seems different from other types of bets and completely different from over/under bets, as long as there is a corner kick in the game, or a goal is scored, you will still have a chance. Most of us players also have a simile that says “The ball is still rolling, the odds are still shaking”.
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The secret to catching shaky bets

In this article 789BET I will share with you some tips so you can grasp the odds very well.

A few basic notes to grasp shaking odds:

  • First and the most basic thing is that you need to pay attention to the house odds, because each house is different. For each bookmaker, there will be a separate group of betting experts, and their assessments and opinions are completely different from each other, not only in the odds but also in the handicap term. are completely different from each other. Therefore, when you want to bet on house odds, you must look for a trustworthy house that does not trap customers into betting.
  • The second note is also quite important, bettors need to know that betting on this type of bet is quite easy to be rejected by the house. We can understand the reason because the result of the round will often not be the most wonderful and perfect result. It is recommended that if players feel that the tournament is trending in a good direction, they should place bets immediately. Whether or not the house accepts the bet depends on each house. If you are lucky, you will be allowed immediately, but in other cases you need to wait about 10 seconds.
  • The last very important note is about the prohibited game rules and the bookmaker’s betting rules, bettors should carefully study these regulations. If you still have any questions or information that you do not understand clearly, you should immediately contact the bookmaker’s customer care department to have your questions answered and of course, bettors should learn carefully about the bookmaker, if possible. If the bookmaker is not public, you should leave that bookmaker and find another more reliable one.

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