Maasilamani (2009)

Maasilamani (2009)

Maasilamani (2009) Tamil Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

Maasilamani is a 2009 Tamil movie directed by R. N. R. Manohar and produced by S. S. Chakravarthy under the banner of NIC Arts. The movie features Nakul in the lead role, along with Sunaina, Pavan, and Santhanam in supporting roles. Maasilamani is an action-comedy film that revolves around the life of Maasilamani, a carefree and mischievous youngster who gets entangled in a web of crime and romance.


The lead role of Maasilamani is played by Nakul, who brings charisma and energy to the character. Sunaina plays the female lead, bringing charm and grace to the screen. Pavan and Santhanam deliver notable performances in their supporting roles, adding comic relief and entertainment to the narrative.


Maasilamani follows the adventures of the titular character, a carefree and fun-loving youngster with a mischievous streak. He enjoys his life to the fullest, often engaging in playful pranks and hilarious situations. However, things take a dramatic turn when Maasilamani gets unwittingly involved in a dangerous criminal conspiracy.

The movie takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride as Maasilamani finds himself in a series of thrilling escapades, balancing romance, comedy, and action. With unexpected twists and turns, the plot keeps viewers engaged, wondering what will happen next. Maasilamani’s journey is filled with suspense, humor, and a touch of romance, making it an entertaining watch for Tamil movie enthusiasts.

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Maasilamani received generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The movie was appreciated for its entertaining storyline, energetic performances, and engaging screenplay. Nakul’s portrayal of Maasilamani was widely praised for his impeccable comic timing and charismatic screen presence. Sunaina’s chemistry with Nakul added a romantic flavor to the narrative, captivating the viewers. The film’s blend of action and comedy struck a chord with the audience, making it a commercial success at the box office.

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